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McDonald’s Launches Silicon Valley Tech Hub to Fuel Digital Drive
June 6, 2014

The fast-food chain will man the hub with up to 20 tech specialists from companies including Yahoo, Microsoft Xbox, Paypal and AOL in the coming months. Jobs will range from digital marketing and media executives to designers and mobile experts. Projects will initially focus on mobile with the business hoping to repeat the success of its partnership with wireless technology firm Qualcomm, which led to its World Cup augmented reality campaign. McDonald's also hopes the unit will help attract digital talent to the wider business.

Publicis Strikes Massive Facebook Ad Partnership
May 21, 2014

Publicis Groupe, the world's No. 3 advertising holding company, has struck a sprawling partnership with Facebook, the companies said Monday morning. Terms were not disclosed, but an executive familiar with the matter said that the value of the deal including spending would be around $500 million. "Publicis and Facebook are announcing a multi-year partnership focused on co-creation of product around data, video and images, including core Facebook and Instagram." ... The deal, easily the largest yet between an agency holding company and a tech company, would pool global spending from Publicis media networks

Senate Questions Google and Yahoo Over Paid Ad Malvertising
May 20, 2014

The ubiquitous presence of various forms of advertising in online content represents what's become a multibillion dollar industry. However, cybercriminals have found ads from companies like Google and Yahoo can also be used to pose malware threats to unsuspecting visitors. Increased dangers posed by such malicious advertising, or "malvertising," gained the attention of the U.S. Senate, where the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations for the Committee on Homeland Security & Government Affairs recently held a hearing on the issue, "Online Advertising and Hidden Hazards to Consumer Security and Data Privacy."

European Court: Google Must Remove Links to Personal Info Upon Request
May 14, 2014

People should have some say over the results that pop up when they conduct a search of their own names online, Europe’s highest court said Tuesday. In a landmark decision, The Court of Justice of the European Union said Google must listen and sometimes comply when individuals ask the Internet search giant to remove links to newspaper articles or websites containing their personal information. Campaigners say the ruling effectively backs individual privacy rights over the freedom of information

Yahoo Withdraws DNT Support
May 9, 2014

Yahoo has joined Google in expressing its frustration at the lack of progress on industry standards for "Do Not Track" requests, and is withdrawing the option for users to opt out of advertiser tracking in their browser settings. As a result, advertisers can track users’ online behavior on Yahoo for ad targeting purposes, whether or not they have opted not to be tracked in privacy settings, according to The search firm and content provider said it regards personalization as key to the Web experience, and therefore needs to be able to track

The Psychological Hierarchy of the Email Campaign
May 6, 2014

The relationship between the email marketer and the email subscriber is an unspoken alliance, and also a source of constant tension and potential. Email marketers owe their jobs, databases and likely revenue to the subscriber who provides permission in exchange for (hopefully) special offers, content, and respect and relevancy. The email marketer often loses sight of this invaluable permission during the march to some interdepartmental meeting or shared goal

For BrickHouse, Search Is a Winning Hand
May 1, 2014

BrickHouse Security has mighty, mighty paid and organic search marketing results. But that wasn't always the case for the New York-based security and surveillance solutions provider. Before BrickHouse hired Wpromote—an El Segundo, Calif.-based online marketing agency—in February 2013 to optimize its paid and organic search, results were a bit weaker.

Denny's Daily Zinger: “How Often Should I Contact a Customer?”
April 28, 2014

When I was running Target Marketing magazine, I would get phone calls all the time from marketing kids asking either: "How many times a month should I contact a customer?" or "I'm considering buying such-and-such software that reminds me when to contact my customers. Is this good software?"

Denny's Daily Zinger: The New York Times - Grand Merchant & Cataloger
April 24, 2014

"Once I have a buying customer, it's my license to sell that person anything I've got," Folio: editor Chuck Tannen said to me over lunch years ago. Recently, I did pieces on two organizations that embraced Chuck Tannen's business philosophy—American Girl and Playbill. These people blitz their audience with buying opportunities. I am continually astonished at the number of organizations with enormous databases of users who never make an offer for a paid product or service—e.g., Yahoo. I get the sense they are terrified of offending.  

The most recent convert to the Chuck Tannen business model is The New York Times. I've been a reader for 60 years.