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Mail Activity Highlights: B-to-B
September 14, 2008

The B-to-B mail was all about buzzwords this month. While the self-mailer format typically dominated, the words that business folks want to hear in this current challenging economic climate were repeated again and again, such as “reliability,” “security” and “cost-effective.” Clearly, businesses are scrambling to say that they’re doing things better than their competitors. went with an oversize self-mailer, 5-3/4˝ x 11˝, that uses all of the outer’s real estate to promote its Plantronics CS55 wireless telephone headset. Operating almost like a brochure, it plugs five attractive features of the product—“OFFICE MOBILITY, Roam up to 300 feet from your office phone”—next to a

Direct Marketing & the Franchise (Video)
May 9, 2008

Sylvan Learning is featured at Xerox’s Graph Expo 2007 and speaks out about how they increased franchisee usage of their corporate direct marketing program and overcame high inventory costs.

HarperCollins’ Quixotic Quest
April 7, 2008

As readers of this e-zine know, I started out in the book business—first in publicity departments and later as a traveling salesman calling on bookstores, wholesalers and libraries in the East and Midwest. As a salesman, I used to get commissions. As an author of books, I receive royalties. The killer on any commission or royalty statement is the line, “Returns”—unsold books returned to the publisher for credit on which commissions and royalties are deducted. Returns have been the bane of book publishing for more than 70 years. The announcement that HarperCollins will launch a new division that will not accept returns from booksellers

Digital Print Lives Up to Its Promises
March 1, 2007

A mere decade ago, digital printing was seen as a luxury buy for direct mailers—used only for ultra short-run campaigns that perhaps didn’t require a high level of output quality. Back then, several barriers stood between the direct marketer and digital print—print quality, cost-per-impression, color-matching capabilities, and limited media compatibility. Today, these barriers have all but been removed, enabling direct marketers to finally capitalize on the promise of digital print. Quality: Still King Most digital print manufacturers contend that the quality of their printing systems’ output has greatly improved in recent years. That’s certainly measurable in print resolution. “When digital printing first

The 19th Annual Gold Ink Awards
November 1, 2006

The 19th Annual Gold Ink Awards banquet, honoring excellence in the printing industry, was held on Oct. 16 at McCormick Place in Chicago. The winners, selected from more than 1,500 entries in nearly 50 categories, represent the very best work from printing professionals throughout North America. The prestige and excellence associated with the Gold Ink Award usually results in new business for the winners, explains Maggie Pajak, director of marketing and trade shows for the Publishing Media Group at North American Publishing Co., the awards’ sponsor and Target Marketing’s parent company. This year in the Direct Mail Packages category, Strine Printing Co. took the gold

10 Extraordinary Women, Part II Lives to Inspire Us All
August 17, 2006

Indra K. Nooyi’s appointment as CEO of Pepsi is a mighty achievement. She joins one of the most exclusive—and pathetically small—clubs of women in the world, those running Fortune 500 corporations: Patricia Woertz, Archer Daniels Midland Co., No. 56, revenue: $35.94 billion. Indra Nooyi (as of Oct. 1), PepsiCo Inc., No. 61, revenue: $32.56 billion Brenda Barnes, Sara Lee Corp., No. 111, revenue: $19.73 billion Mary Sammons, Rite Aid Corp., No. 129, revenue: $16.82 billion Anne Mulcahy, Xerox Corp., No. 142, revenue: $15.7 billion Patricia Russo, Lucent Technologies Inc., No. 255, revenue: $9.44 billion Susan Ivey, Reynolds American Inc., No. 280, revenue: $8.26 billion Andrea Jung, Avon Products Inc., No. 281, revenue:

Production and Paper Special Report: Get Smart About Print
June 1, 2006

Today, the word technology most often is used to refer to online innovations. In the search engine marketing sector, in particular, new solutions are rolled out almost monthly—if not weekly. By comparison, “most of what’s happening in direct mail printing is evolutionary not revolutionary,” says Barry Bogle, vice president, imaged products at Quebecor World, a commercial print media services firm based in Montreal, Canada. All the same, he notes, this incremental progress is significant in helping direct mail remain a cost-efficient activity for direct marketers. While few in the industry would dispute direct mail’s advantage as a strong one-to-one communication method, the rising costs

Driving Performance
June 1, 2006

When shopping for a new car, the choices are infinite: Nissan or Honda? Accord or Civic? Atomic Blue or Galaxy Gray? And don’t forget about all those extended warranties and factory options. The number of unique combinations, not to mention the odds of marketing the ones that will resonate with individual consumers, are mind-boggling. But that didn’t stop AutoNation, America’s largest dealer of new and used vehicles, from leveraging analytics and digital print technologies to create a variable content direct marketing program that consistently delivers customized and relevant communications. As a result of its innovations, AutoNation has doubled response rates and generated a return on

The Direct Mail Workflow: Getting It Right for Print
September 1, 2005

By Gretchen A. Peck Computer-to-plate (CTP) promised to revolutionize the way most things are printed. It promised to streamline the process, enhance quality and, ultimately, cut costs. Ask most printing companies, and they'll likely sing the praises of CTP, for it has, in fact, lived up to many of these declarations. And yet, there remains a place in the digital workflow that requires greater attention to reap the full benefits of CTP: the way digital files are created and exchanged. Think of the printing costs you could save if the workflow always went smoothly, if the digital files created for the

Dress Codes--Do They Matter?
August 30, 2005

Yes, especially if you are facing jail time. IN THE NEWS Susanna Goihman, the Philadelphia restaurant owner whose 2002 Lexus struck and killed 15-year-old Kayla Peter on June 19, surrendered to police yesterday on a single charge of leaving the scene of a fatal accident. The charge was filed, according to District Attorney Lynne M. Abraham, to ensure that Goihman, a Venezuelan national, would not flee the country. More serious charges remain possible as the investigation continues, she said. --Thomas J. Gibbons Jr., Joseph A. Slobodzian and Jacqueline Soteropoulos "Goihman surrenders in fatal hit-and-run" Philadelphia Inquirer, Aug. 23,