Xerox Corp.

San Diego Dreamin' - Charging Through 'The DMA'
October 27, 2014

The last time the Direct Marketing Association held its annual conference in San Diego, it was 2009, we were all amid The Great Recession, and having been recently thrown out of a job, money was just too tight to attend on my own. Since then, marketing has changed—a lot—and the U.S. economy overall is in better shape than it was. Folks, looking back, we avoided a Depression

Line Extensions to Generate Revenue
December 3, 2013

Many years ago I had lunch with Chuck Tannen, publisher of FOLIO: The Magazine of Magazine Management. I asked Chuck whether FOLIO was profitable. "We have the Folio conference and exposition," he said. "Plus card decks, consulting contracts, books, advertising in the magazine and of course subscription revenue. Every time we acquire a new subscriber, it's my license to sell that that person whatever I can to help make his business grow. My aim is to surround the market."

5 Reasons Why Print Should Be a Part of Your Marketing Mix
October 25, 2013

Oct. 22 marks the commemoration of a momentous event—one that forever changed the landscape of how business would be conducted for decades to come. On that Saturday afternoon 75 years ago in a second story apartment in Astoria, Queens, a patent attorney named Chester Carlson created the world’s first dry copy. His invention would eventually lead to the formation of Xerox Corporation. Carlson’s xerographic process is still at the heart of most office printers and copiers around the world today, dramatically impacting the way businesses operate and we communicate. It can be argued that the digital age,

LinkedIn Brings Sponsored Updates to Users’ Feeds
July 25, 2013

LinkedIn is launching Sponsored Updates, the company announced on Tuesday. Touted as the core product of the professional network’s content marketing program, Sponsored Updates are messages from advertisers that are placed along with the job change announcements and shop talk that appear on members’ homepages. The messages look like the other updates, but they will be marked “sponsored,” much like Facebook’s in-stream ad unit, Sponsored Stories. Viewers will have the option to hit the like button, leave a comment, and share the post, as well as hide it from view. LinkedIn has already given companies a stronger presence on the

How Obama’s Geek Leakers May Have Cost Themselves Billions
July 2, 2013

In the late 1960s, I went to work for the godfather of American political fundraising. Walter Weintz was the circulation director of Readers Digest before he went on to start his own direct mail agency. In 1952, Walt was ordered to take paid leave from the Digest to help get Eisenhower-Nixon elected. Using primitive data and old-fashioned direct mail testing, he revolutionized the business and philosophy of political campaigns. He not only generated votes, but-wonder of wonders-raised cash to pay for the mailings. For the first time this was cash from Joe and Jane Lunchbucket, not from rich high rollers.

Marketing Interns—The Uncle Sam Scam
February 8, 2013

Last summer, my college-age son was lucky enough to land a summer internship at a manufacturing company in Southern California. Considering there were over 100 applicants, he was thrilled to have been selected for a position where he could demonstrate his newly learned marketing skills. And as a college Junior, he was excited with the promise of full-time employment upon graduation. He started the job with relish, and 4 and a half months later went back to college feeling on top of the world.

Driving Customer Engagement: Ford's Multichannel Approach (2012 DirectMarketingIQ Virtual Show session)
March 15, 2012

Click above/below to view this webinar, originally offered as a session at the 2012 DirectMarketingIQ Virtual Conference & Expo - Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk.

Part of any marketers success now depends on the ability to deliver relevant content through the right combination of channels at the right time. This session will describe specific methods and applications Ford's Extended Service Business uses to create and distribute digital content in concert with traditional marketing channels.

Ford were early adopters of personalized direct mail and email and are now using multichannel communications to increase customer engagement and improve sales penetration. It's used a more customized and targeted approach in the direct mail letters, incorporating the many data points that they had on car owners - such as geographic location, age, gender, type of car purchased, mileage, financing options, etc. Now they supplement their direct mail efforts with interactive digital content that further realized great results -- 13 percent response and 24 percent in sales penetration!

Viewers can expect to learn the following:
> How the use of relevant personalized content delivered through both traditional offline channels and digital online channels can increase response and improve customer engagement
> How direct mail can effectively drive a multichannel approach
> What digital interactive collateral is and how to use it
> See a demonstration of a proprietary application where consumers can create highly customized brochures in an online environment and produce it in real-time

Click here to view this session today!

'Truth, Lies and Marketing' Panel Announced for Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk
March 4, 2012

Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk is proud to announce its all-star morning keynote panel. Taking on the hottest marketing topics of the day starting at 10:15 a.m. on March 15, these four industry leaders will speak about “Truth, Lies and Marketing”: Jared Blank, Vice President, E-Commerce, Tommy Hilfiger; Jordan Cohen, Vice President of Business Development, Pontiflex; Dennis Dayman, Chief Privacy and Security Officer, Eloqua Corporation; and Nicole Delma, Chief Data Officer, RCRD LBL.

Banking on the Tactile Being Personal: Facebook-to-Mail 'Means So Much More' to Valentines
February 9, 2012

Dating website eHarmony has combined printing with Facebook for a direct mail campaign that shows print still holds a special place in our hearts. The site is running a Valentine's Day campaign based on the idea that handwritten love letters "mean so much more" than electronic versions. Until Feb. 8, visitors to eHarmony's Facebook page can type romantic messages that will then be transcribed by calligraphers and sealed in personally addressed envelopes to be delivered in time for Valentine’s Day.

Live from DMA 2011: Sunday Roundup Via Storify
October 3, 2011

It may have been technically the pre-conference portion of DMA2011 Conference & Exhibition in Boston, but Sunday saw quite a bit of activity in sessions, in the exhibit hall and online. Tweets hashtagged #dma11 and #dma2011 contained plenty of information about sessions, keynotes and more. A few of the choice nuggets from Twitter are contained below, in what's called a Storify compilation of events.