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Ripped From the (Facebook) Headlines: New Ads to Feature User Photos
March 9, 2015

Next time you're browsing your Facebook news feed and see a photo that looks familiar, you might be doing a double-take. Recently, visual ad company Olapic announced plans for an inventive new type of Facebook ad, using users own photos to make the advert more appealing to them. And why wouldn't it? Who wouldn't want to see their own photograph used in an ad, and feel like a Vogue lookbook-ready professional photographer, at the same time?

Why Online Retailers Mail So Many Catalogs
April 23, 2014

When everything is available for sale on your smartphone, why do catalogs still clutter your mailbox? Shoppers spend more online after browsing through lavish print spreads. The old-school marketing format has survived to play a crucial creative role in modern e-commerce. Today, the catalog is bait for customers, like a store window display, and a source of inspiration, the way roaming through store aisles can be. The hope is shoppers will mark pages they like and then head online, or into a store, to buy