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Penton Launches 'SmartReach' Marketing Data to Enhance Audience File
April 1, 2014

Penton, a leading professional information services company, today formally announced that it has formed Penton SmartReach, a division focusing exclusively on the development, management and delivery of targeted data and subscriber information to help direct marketers identify, reach and activate more prospects and generate more effective leads. The database has 16 million business-to-business records, representing 7.8 million unique businesses.

Hotlists—New and Updated Files on the Market
January 19, 2010

Find the latest lists to test—complete with names, descriptions, counts, prices and list managers'/owners' contact information—with this biweekly online feature from Target Marketing.

A List Professional Speaks: Alan Zamchick
January 4, 2010

Target Marketing took some time to chat with Alan Zamchick, vice preisdent of list management for Media Horizons Management about how he entered the list business, who his mentors were, what challenges he has faced in the industry and more.

eAnswers: Lists, Frequency, Organic Search
March 1, 2008

Q: We send out two to three e-mail newsletters per month. There are occasions when we’d like to send out an extra one, but we wonder how many is too many. How do we strike a balance between getting the word out to our customers/readers about things happening on our site and annoying customers by sending out too many e-mails? Obviously, we don’t want to anger recipients so they’re led to cancel their subscription or otherwise think poorly of us. — Gretchen Heber, co-founder,, Austin, Texas

IT Managers: Lists to Test
August 1, 2007

The following is a sample of lists available to reach this market. CIO magazine: 133,768 subscribers, including C-level executives. Price: $275/M. Call: IDG List Services, (508) 370-0865. eWeek: More than 1.1 million IT decision makers subscribe to this newsweekly. Price: $250/M. Call: Walter Karl Inc., (845) 620-0700. C-Level Technology Professionals from CMP Technology: 356,731 C-level, U.S.-based qualified subscribers to 24 IT magazines and attendees of two conferences. The magazines include InformationWeek, InternetWeek, Network Computing and Embedded Systems Design. Price: $275/M. Call: MeritDirect, (914) 368-1000. Eli Journals IT Professionals Postal List: The 81,126 names on this list subscribe to at least one Eli Journal newsletter, including Linux Professional,

Outsourcing—Blessing or a Curse?
July 19, 2005

The world is flat; better get used to it NAFTA will cause a giant sucking sound as jobs go south. --Ross Perot "Save Your Job, Save Our Country," January 1993> To watch Lou Dobbs on CNN rail nightly about the loss of U.S. jobs to overseas workers is to believe that we are all doing each other's laundry, but nobody is making the shirts, and that the entire economy will implode tomorrow. Dobbs, 60, a Harvard graduate with a degree in economics, briefly worked for Union Bank in Los Angeles before moving to Yuma, Ariz. to take a $75-a-week job as a police and

Meet the Planners
July 1, 2005

By Irene Chernassky Although technology has long threatened to do away with face-to-face communication, the availability of video and phone conferencing has yet to curb the need for professionals to gather with peers to exchange ideas, introduce new products or share business best practices. Meeting and event planners are the key to making those face-to-face meetings happen, whether in the shape of large industry trade shows, small-scale seminars or even coordinating that technical wonder, the webinar. In fact, according to Corporate Meetings & Incentives magazine, a trade publication targeting the decision makers involved in planning meetings, incentives and conventions, this is a growing

Market Focus - New Movers
May 1, 2005

At one point or another, everyone is a new mover. Whether it's striking out on your own from the family home and into that first apartment, or moving up to a single-family residence with your spouse and new baby, or trading in that empty nest for a chic condo in a warmer climate—it's not often that you find a life-stage event that touches so many consumers' lives. Every month—in fact every week—there are new movers packing up boxes in one locale, only to put down roots in another, be it two blocks away or on the other coast of the United States.

Market Focus - College Students
April 1, 2005

Connecting with the college crowd is a prized goal for many a marketer. For most young adults, college is their first time away from home and a critical time to formulate their own opinions. It's also a key time to reach out to them as they start making important purchasing decisions and brand choices.

List Buying Guide: List Challenges and Solutions in 2004
August 1, 2004

Experts encourage marketers to broaden their list horizons. The constant in the direct marketing world is the need to hunt for viable sources of prospecting names. In the early days of this industry, the variety of lists now on the market didn’t exist; list professionals and their clients would have to talk companies—sometimes competitors—into renting or exchanging names. As the number of lists on the market grew, it became a great deal easier for marketers to find quality lists for their offers. Now, average response rates suggest that marketers have tapped out every possible list source. According to a number of