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Tips for Marketers in a Down Economy
May 14, 2008

To target customers in a down economy, customer intelligence, data, creative and media integration are always important. But marketers must work even harder—with more symmetry—in today’s economic environment. It’s imperative that marketers use all the information available to them to give their communications more influence with the consumer. Consumers are looking for value, discounts and special offers for the items they truly need and tremendous bargains for items they might consider. Customer data on purchase history, frequency of visits, transaction value and response can help marketers target their efforts to the most important customer segments with direct mail. Additionally, using the media that customers

Think Direct Mail is Outdated? If You’re Looking to Reach Women, Think Again!
April 24, 2007

According to the 2007 Vertis Communications Customer Focus® Survey, which analyzes the effectiveness of direct mail, DM is read by 32 percent more women ages 25 to 44 than e-mail advertising. Eighty-five percent of women ages 25 to 44 read printed direct mail pieces, despite the influx of e-advertising in the past decade. Fifty-seven percent of women ages 35 to 64 prefer that companies they express interest in send follow-up communication through DM pieces personalized to their needs. But before you write off the e-mail medium altogether, consider that 45 percent of total adults are open to receiving personalized, follow-up e-mails. And younger women

Vertis’ Dave Colatriano on Soft Proofing
September 27, 2006

Recently, Target Marketing and Inside Direct Mail parent company, North American Publishing Co., has begun phasing out hard copy printer proofs in favor of soft proofing. Having never relied solely on soft proofing in the past, I was wary. But the end result was well worth the worry: The cost savings have been substantial, and…

It’s All About the Offer: Time to Pull the Trigger?
November 1, 2004

Technology enables marketers to customize direct mail offers beyond personalization Traditional direct mail personalization techniques allow you to customize communications at the group level, using information such as age, income, location and education. However, these techniques cannot address the fact that every segmentation group is comprised of individuals with very different wants, needs, attitudes and buying behaviors. Trigger programs give marketers added power to act on individually supplied facts about what each customer actually wants and needs rather than statistical inferences. Direct response trigger programs use an individual’s responses to media, input, interactions, purchase transactions and even complaints to deliver a fully customized marketing message at

Direct Mail Strategy: Direct Mail Revival
February 1, 2004

These are exciting times for all of us involved in direct mail. If you’re wondering whether direct mail—the traditional workhorse of direct marketing—is dead or even dying, the answer is a resounding “No!” However, it is changing. And to be successful with your 2004 direct mail efforts, you need to be a part of the change. Times Are Changing Thanks to the now-famous Do-Not-Call Registry, direct mail is being reconsidered as a viable medium by many who had thought of abandoning it. Of course, those of us who understand the strategic value of direct mail have never thought of it as not viable.