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Direct Mail Schooled Boy, 12
August 6, 2015 at 8:00 am

Direct mail may have a new, much younger, constituency. Mathew Flores, 12, believes reading marketing makes him smarter. That’s what he

How Fortune 500 Companies Engage Customers on Social Media
September 7, 2012

Fortune annually compiles a list of America’s largest corporations, aptly named the “Fortune 500” (F500) given their size and wealth. … In 2008, the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research released one of the first studies on social media adoption among the F500 … Last year’s F500 study drew attention for the leveling off of blogging, with only 23 percent hosting a public-facing corporate blog in both 2010 and 2011. The latest iteration documents a leap forward for these titans as they show the first signs of really embracing a range of social media tools.

Verizon’s Mark Adams on Viral Marketing
June 6, 2007

To launch its Fios TV product, which provides customers with fiber optic-powered picture and sound, in the New Jersey market, Verizon developed a viral marketing campaign centered on the theme, “Ultimate Eye Candy.” Consumers were encouraged to create videos to illustrate what they consider their personal ultimate eye candy and then enter them on the site to win a high-definition television. The campaign was non-branded, explains Mark Adams, Verizon’s director of New Jersey marketing, since the communications firm wanted to keep the answer to the question a secret until the contest ended to escalate consumer buzz and campaign interaction. Verizon worked with Winning Strategies Public

5-minute Interview with Judy K. Verses, Senior Vice President, Marketing Verizon
September 19, 2006

Four months ago, Judy K. Verses stepped into new shoes at Verizon. As senior vice president of marketing, she oversees consumer and small-business offer management, retention and win-back marketing, and channel and business development. Below, she talks with Target Marketing about this pivotal period in telecommunications history. Target Marketing: What do you see as the biggest marketing challenge the telecommunications industry is facing right now? Judy K. Verses: More than ever … there is a huge proliferation of choices, not only from competitors, but also from the various delivery systems. Now consumers can have voice, data and entertainment on the regular local network, via satellite,

Editor’s Notebook: World War Web
August 9, 2006

A largely quiet battle over the future of the Internet has been playing out on Capitol Hill and, appropriately enough, on the Web for much of this year. Recently, the House struck down proposals for what one side of the fight calls “Net neutrality,” or the premise that the companies that provide Internet access should not be able to create tiered pricing or any other type of preferential treatment. As of press time, leading Senators Ron Wyden, Olympia Snowe and others were standing tough to block a telecommunications bill that does not include Net neutrality protections. While this sounds like a straightforward argument—why should