Direct Mail Schooled Boy, 12
August 6, 2015 at 8:00 am

Direct mail may have a new, much younger, constituency. Mathew Flores, 12, believes reading marketing makes him smarter. That’s what he

USPS Scraps Summer Sale, Can't Afford Discounts
June 26, 2013

The USPS has abandoned a promotional initiative designed to encourage business customers to use its new track and trace system—because it cannot afford the discounts. The USPS asked regulators for consent back in April to run the so-called Technology Credit Promotion from this month until May 2014. But originally the Postal Service proposed hiking its postage rates in order to recoup the money handed out in discounts. Earlier this month, the Postal Regulatory Commission granted permission to give the Tech Credit to mailers—but refused consent for the requested extra headroom in the USPS price cap

ValPak Ventures From Direct Mail to Digital Coupons
April 29, 2013

In a towering building off Interstate 275, man and machine are working side-by-side to save consumers money. ValPak, famous for its venerable blue envelope, prints 20 billion offers a year; 490 million envelopes are rushed coast-to-coast. The marathon never ends. The presses race through 2,000 feet of paper per minute and guzzles hundreds of gallons of color ink. In addition 400 workers, ValPak also to employs robots do the work. Cut from the same mechanical cloth as automobile manufacturing robots, ValPak's drones help sort, lift and channel an endless rivers of post office trays.

Augmented Reality, Wearable Electronics and the Postal Service's Future
February 25, 2013

In my previous blog post, I commented on the United States Postal Service and its announced plans for five-day delivery, discussing the importance of hard-copy communication and a commitment to deliver such communication on a daily basis. In extending this commentary, I claim no nostalgia for daily mail delivery, rather simply recognition that such communication has its unique position as a vehicle for superb brand engagement. The Postal Service is not standing still in the digital age.

6 Tips for Integrating Inbound Marketing With Direct Mail
October 26, 2012

Almost every day of the week I am reminded of the disconnect many businesses have with integrating their inbound marketing efforts with their direct mail campaigns. All I need to do is walk the 20 paces from my front door to my mailbox to discover fresh evidence of this disconnect. What's interesting about this situation is that it's not limited to small businesses—many bigger, well-known brands are guilty of the same thing. Just using one day's worth of mail (I find my mailstream volume picks up toward the middle of the week, so I used last Thursday's bundle) provides a

Insert Media Buying Guide: Committed to Its Roots
September 1, 2006

While it may not have the star quality of more in-vogue direct marketing channels, for Southampton, Pa.-based garden tool marketer Mantis, insert media is something to get excited about. “It’s still a very important part of our media mix,” says Steve LePera, Mantis’ director of sales and marketing for mail order. Although LePera admits DRTV has become the company’s largest lead generation source, “there still has to be a base of what I call direct mail prospects driven by more traditional methods like package inserts … to our overall program,” he explains. The company participates in a wide range of programs, from Valpak to