U.S. Postal Service

Double-Time Postage
December 1, 1998

What starts as a great idea can result in wasted good will and money if you don't understand how the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) processes business reply mail or how you can recoup your funds. According to the Philadelphia BMC Business Mail Entry department, business reply mail is scanned when BREs are returned, and the amount is debited from marketers' accounts automatically. The presence of a postage stamp means nothing to the machinery. However, if you collect your BREs with postage stamps (no fewer than 100 at a time) and fill out Form 3533, you can get your account credited, says Peter Moore, of

Marketing Lessons Learned from the Method Actors (2,018 words)
October 1, 1998

You're David Oreck. You manufacture and sell the best, lightest, most rugged and efficient vacuum cleaner ever designed. It is in use by more than 50,000 hotels worldwide—from the elegant Windsor Court in New Orleans to the Holiday Inn in Seattle. It's a truly great product; every home and office in America should have one. Your message to the consumer: Take the Oreck challenge. Send for my Oreck-XL for a 15-day free trial. When it arrives, clean all your rugs and carpets with your current vacuum cleaner. Then go over them again with my Oreck-XL, look in the bag and

The Ultimate Direct Mail Checklist (1,121 words)
September 1, 1998

The Ultimate Direct Mail Checklist Formats • Envelope mailing • SnapPack • Self mailer • Tabbed correctly • Double postcard • Tabbed correctly • Entire bottom half is reply card1 • Triple postcard • Tabbed correctly • Magalog • Bookalog • Tabbed correctly • Catalog Size • #7-3⁄4 • Invitation • #10 • 6˝ x 9˝ • Slim-Jim • 9˝ x 12˝ • Jumbo • Other Offers • One-step offer • Two-step offer •

Global Media Choices (589 words)
April 1, 1998

by Lisa A. Yorgey Lists are harder to find outside the United States. Not only are there fewer lists, but the universe of names is smaller and more expensive to rent. As such, direct marketers should consider other media to complement their overseas direct mail efforts. One reason for the lagging international list market has been the lack of subscription lists. In Japan and parts of Europe and Latin America magazines are primarily sold on newsstands. Here's a look at some of the media options worldwide. • Beyond direct mail, space advertising is clearly the number one choice, says Nigel Rowe, managing director