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Starting a Business? Here’s What You Need to Know
August 13, 2013

Many times over the past seven decades, I have met ambitious young men and women who wanted to leave the corporate rat race and go off on their own. The idea of working like hell for five years only to have your business tank is not a pretty thought. I'm a guy who started two businesses (the WHO'S MAILING WHAT! newsletter with my wife Peggy and a freelance copy and design service). Both are still going 25 years later.

Mobile Marketing 2015: Rethink Customer Acquisition, Intent Targeting
September 5, 2012

I'm immensely excited about how completely mobile platforms impact our lives. Not just the hyper-fast access to information and being able to call whomever you want wherever you are, but also in more fundamental ways around the globe by empowering farmers to get better rates for their crops, or helping children to learn in new ways, or making revolutions ever more efficient. I'm a lot less excited when I think about the imagination that we've brought to bear on mobile platforms and business/marketing. Legions of companies still don't fundamentally grok the sweet power that this platform brings with it.

101 Examples of Social Business ROI
January 13, 2012

A few years ago, I put together a list of social media marketing examples. The list contains 324 examples of brands putting social media to use and at that point in the social media industry's evolution, it was the best of what was around (and still might be). Now that initiatives have been in market, any reasonable business manager would expect to see program results. However, quantified results in social business and brands willing to stand behind them are difficult to find. But the truth is out there …

Google: Major Search Advertisers Spent $252M
June 9, 2011

The top 10 search advertisers on Google for the first quarter invested $252.2 million — up 57.5 percent compared with a year ago, according to Kantar Media. The report, which identifies about half as financial companies, analyzes search advertising expenditures on Google, highlighting paid-search advertising by Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz.

StrongMail Reports on 2010 Revenue, Product and Customer Growth Targets
February 14, 2011

StrongMail, a provider of online marketing solutions for email and social media, has announced record 2010 revenue and key product and customer growth milestones that exceeded annual projections. Record revenue for Q4 2010 marked the 11th consecutive quarter of record sales, as the company continued to attract Fortune 2000 brands, such as AT&T Interactive, Cisco Systems, IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group), Mercedes-Benz USA and Vonage, the Company noted. Launching StrongMail's Agency with the acquisition of interactive and social CRM agencies Magnetik and Conversa Marketing enabled the company to expand its social media marketing customer base with Boston Apparel Group, Castrol,

eSpotlight - Searching for Paradise
November 19, 2009

Problem: Aqua Hotels & Resorts, a full-service chain of Hawaiian-based hotels and resorts, sought to increase website bookings, its most cost-efficient booking channel. Solution: The company hired a search engine marketing (SEM) firm to optimize its SEM efforts. Results: Online bookings, room nights and revenues have increased; higher search engine rankings have led to better brand recognition.

Saving the Planet 2.0
July 15, 2008

What do leatherback turtles, burning forests and Harrison Ford all have in common? They're the key components of some very successful marketing campaigns launched by Conservation International, a nonprofit organization missioned to protect the richest regions of plant and animal diversity in 34 international biodiversity hot spots, wilderness areas and marine ecosystems.

High-flying Deals on Demand
May 1, 2008

Sales 101: One of the quickest ways to make the sale is to ask for it. Plug a generic word like "travel" into a search engine these days, and the subsequent results page is full of companies promising the lowest prices and asking Web surfers to book their next vacations using their sites. Asking for the sale amid the clamor of the dozens of other sites doing the same thing can make it tough to get the message out there.