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2 Reasons Every Marketing Campaign Needs a Video
May 2, 2014

Ask marketers and they'll tell you one of the top priorities for the year is developing and using video more effectively to meet customer's expectations. In fact, according to TopRank Online Marketing, 70 percent of marketers use video regularly and 60 percent rate video as the most effective content tactic out there. The adoption and strong approval for video content is mainly because the barriers to entry for production are lower than ever before, and because video really works to convert. It's been found, for example, that the simple inclusion of video on a landing page can help you increase conversion by 80 percent.

40+ Tools and Tips to Execute a Winning Content Strategy
April 7, 2014

There really is no excuse for poor content in 2014. Content marketing and content strategy is an important piece of any digital marketing campaign. Doing it properly requires a disciplined approach, some great tools and a meaningful investment. Moderated by Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, here's a recap of the Creative Content Marketing: From Strategy to Execution session at ClickZ Live New York 2014.

What Google Hummingbird Really Means and What Marketers Can Do About It
February 6, 2014

In the digital marketing world, change is inevitable. At some point in life we're all forced to adapt, change paths, learn new skills or face something we definitely weren't expecting. As marketers with strong search marketing skills, adapting to change is something we do all the time. With Google's 665 algorithm updates in 2012 alone, we have to! Along with the changes in other aspects of professional life, we sometimes get hung up on distractions or efforts to make something more important or scary than it is. The problem is, those distractions can be costly. 

Are You a Social CRM Native?
June 1, 2013

The shift to social CRM is more than an adoption of new operational models or technologies," says Sandy Carter, vice president of social business evangelism and sales for Armonk, N.Y.-based technology firm IBM. "It is a philosophical, cultural transformation concerning customer relationships, which is still in the early stages for many. Businesses need to stay laser-focused on what their customers value in social media to reap the full potential of a successful social CRM strategy."

Social Media Shakeout
March 1, 2013

Over the course of 2012, social media marketing finally solidified its place in brand building, marketing and social commerce. Worldwide, nearly one in every five minutes online is spent on social networks, and the effect of that activity on brands has become both measurable and scalable. Facebook leads the pack—three out of every four minutes spent on social networks are spent on Facebook and 55 percent of people online use the site.

Social Media 2013: What Sites Are Most Important to Marketers This Year
February 25, 2013

Jeanniey Mullen, Global EVP & CMO of Zinio, along with Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, teamed up for a webinar covering Social Media 2013: What Sites Are Most Important to Marketers This Year. The webinar was jam-packed with valuable insight and tactics ... When creating a marketing campaign, regardless of channel: Web, social, mobile or event, the message for the campaign should resonate with the specific audience you want to target. Here’s how target groups break down by generation

29 Content Marketing Secrets and the Secret Agents Who Shared Them
September 5, 2012

The world of content marketing is full of mystery and intrigue with companies leveraging every possible resource to achieve a competitive advantage. In the fast changing world of digital marketing, no resource is more valued than the coveted “content marketing secret agent.” These covert content operatives perform their customer segmentation, persona development and editorial planning in the dead of night while most marketers are asleep, snug in their beds. ... You can download the e-book pdf file directly here: Content Marketing Secrets eBook.

5 Ways to Increase Business Blog Traffic, Readership and Community
March 9, 2012

One of the key objectives and performance metrics for business blogging is to grow the network of people who find, interact with and share blog content. An optimized approach to growing a blog community relies on an understanding of who the audience is and what their information goals are, not just what the brand wants to achieve. Many companies start out blogging about their own products and services, company news and essentially the kinds of things that belong in a corporate newsroom. An ego-centric approach to business blogging misses the opportunity to create meaningful connections with people who are …

Get Your Internet Marketing Dream Job: How to Interview & Succeed at a Top Agency
February 1, 2012

Today marks my four month anniversary at TopRank Online Marketing and almost five years in the online marketing industry. It has been a goal of mine to learn as much as I possibly can from those who know the industry best. In this seemingly short amount of time I have received, and continue to receive, a top notch education at an unbeatable price. I would like to share some of my experience to give other marketers interested in breaking into Internet marketing or continuing their online marketing education an idea of what it looks like from one person’s perspective.

Is it Time to Make Google+ Your Plus One? 5 Key Problems Solved by Google+ Pages
November 11, 2011

The closing keynote on Wednesday at ad:tech New York was presented by Christian Oestlien the Head of Social Advertising Products at Google. The opening of Oestlien’s presentation featured an example of Google+’s new Hangout feature shot live at a Black Eyed Peas Concert. Fans were given an opportunity to interact with the music sensations in real time. Black Eyed Pea’s frontman is noted as saying “This isn’t behind the music, this will become the music.”