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5 Small Words That Can Save Newspapers From Oblivion
January 20, 2015

Do you like your morning newspaper? I mean the print kind. I love mine. I read three print papers every morning over coffee: The Philadelphia Inquirer, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. But maybe not for long.

Charbucks No More? Starbucks Dabbles in Authentic Branding and CX
December 11, 2014

This week, I started seeing news about a new coffee shop in the mocha Mecca of Seattle. With excellent post-industrial reclamation design and high-quality, manual-process coffeemaking methods on the bar, it piqued my coffee nerd senses. Digging deeper, I was shocked to find that the "Reserve Roastery" is merely an undercover operation from corporate chain arbiters of mediocrity, Starbucks! "Sacrilege!" I cried. But reflecting more, there's a marketing lesson to be learned here: Good ole Charbucks is actually trying to make a foray into the worlds of authentic branding and customer experience.

Denny's Zinger: Books Are Dangerous!
November 14, 2014

What triggered this column was the story of how American students are being emotionally hurt by literature. The lede: Should students about to read "The Great Gatsby" be forewarned about "a variety of scenes that reference gory, abusive and misogynistic violence," as one Rutgers student proposed?

Denny's Zinger: Big Data? Call It Big Dada. Absurd!
November 12, 2014

Anybody remember Dadaism? Founded by Tristan Tzara in 1920s Paris, it was a movement of painters and writers revolting against classical art and literature. These revolutionaries reveled in the absurd.

Should You Advertise on Cable News? Uh-Uh.
November 4, 2014

Cable news penetration is peanuts. In a recent prime-time viewing hour of 8:00 to 9:00 p.m., the total audience was: O'Reilly, Fox: 2,492,000; Anderson Cooper, CNN: 564,000; Chris Hayes, MSNBC: 608,000. This results in the not-so-grand total of 3,664,000, 1.1 percent of the US population of 320 million.

Content Marketers: Facebook Wants to Own You
November 3, 2014

Starting with publishers, Facebook representatives are offering to host content on the social media site and eliminate the clickthrough—while sharing in the ad revenue. To Marcus Wohlsen of Wired, this seems like the beginning of a huge move by Facebook to host videos, news and content from public figures all in one place and make direct site visits even more rare

Epsilon Rebrands, Becomes a 1-Stop Shop as Others Do the Same
October 23, 2014

One-stop shop. Marketing agencies and vendors are moving quickly to ensure marketers never have to leave their doors to find specialties of any type. The latest to do so is Epsilon, one of the big players currently synonymous with the word "data." On Wednesday Epsilon, an Alliance Data company, announced its rebranding as a "an all-encompassing, global marketing business."

Make an Offer, Not a Threat
October 1, 2014

By 2007, the only sound coming out of Newsweek was a death rattle. A half-million subscribers were cut from the rate base; in 2008, more than 100 staffers were axed; and, in 2012, editor Tina Brown folded the print edition and announced the future was digital. Whereupon, Newsweek totally dropped off of my radar screen.

Denny’s Daily Zinger: I Missed a Period
September 19, 2014

In my Sept. 10 "Zinger" I wrongfully accused New York Times journalist Helene Cooper of creating an unreadable sentence of 76 words. In actuality, she wrote two very difficult sentences of 36 words and 40 words, respectively. I missed a period. My apologies to Helene Cooper and apologies to all readers. And many thanks to the 12 readers who took the time to write in and set me straight.