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USPS Expands Direct Mail Initiatives Via SMS
December 20, 2012

The United States Postal Service is letting marketers place SMS calls to action, mobile bar codes and digital watermarks on direct mail in an upcoming campaign that will give businesses a 2 percent discount on qualified pieces. The direct mail coupon and click-to-call campaign promotion runs from March 1 to April 30. The USPS has tested several mobile initiatives that included QR Codes, but this is the first time that SMS has been added to the mix with discounts for businesses that equip their mail with mobile. "Our strategy is to bring awareness to marketers, retailers and all our customers

Production and Paper Special Report: Get Smart About Print
June 1, 2006

Today, the word technology most often is used to refer to online innovations. In the search engine marketing sector, in particular, new solutions are rolled out almost monthly—if not weekly. By comparison, “most of what’s happening in direct mail printing is evolutionary not revolutionary,” says Barry Bogle, vice president, imaged products at Quebecor World, a commercial print media services firm based in Montreal, Canada. All the same, he notes, this incremental progress is significant in helping direct mail remain a cost-efficient activity for direct marketers. While few in the industry would dispute direct mail’s advantage as a strong one-to-one communication method, the rising costs

Production Ways to Go Green
May 1, 2005

By Tracy A. Gill The Earth needs it, your customers want it, corporate responsibility demands it, and your bottom line will thank you for it. When it comes to recycling, we aren't doing all that bad by the environment. According to the American Forest and Paper Association (AF&PA), in 2003 (the last year for which data is available), the United States' paper recovery rate hit an all-time high: 50.3 percent, or 339 pounds of paper for every man, woman and child in this country. That's up 69 percent from 1990 and 3.4 percent from 2002. But, when it comes to the type of environmental

Business Outlook 2003
December 1, 2002

Industry experts get serious about privacy, postage, telemarketing and more. Reported by Paul Barbagallo, Brian Howard & Hallie Mummert Privacy. The U.S. Postal Service. Telemarketing. Congress. These four topics dominated the discussion at Target Marketing's Business Outlook 2003 breakfast, held during the Direct Marketing Association conference in San Francisco in October. We gathered a distinguished panel of industry experts to outline the major issues direct marketers will face next year, and found that the more the industry changes, the more it stays the same. When Target Marketing convened a roundtable seven years ago to discuss the future of direct marketing, we gnashed teeth over

Get the Most From Your Lettershop
March 1, 2002

By Denny Hatch Geography, says Dick Goldsmith, the immensely knowledgeable proprietor of The Horah Group in New York, is the most important thing in choosing a lettershop. It is imperative that your lettershop be near your printer, he asserts. Otherwise any savings realized through efficient and economical printing will be eaten up transporting the printed pieces to a distant lettershop. Ask your printer which are the best local lettershops he deals with and sound them out. Equipment and Expertise. Make sure the lettershop you find has the equipment to execute your mailing in the needed quantities. And discern if your type of work

Pulp Fundamentals (1,669 words)
November 1, 2000

by Richard Goldsmith How would House Beautiful magazine look if it were printed on newsprint? Probably not that great; the colors would look kind of flat. The photographs would look fuzzy. It certainly wouldn't be something you'd want to keep on the coffee table, because frankly, it would look "cheap." How would your direct mail package look if it were printed on newsprint? It probably wouldn't arrive at all, because the paper would be torn to shreds by the mail sorting equipment. If it did arrive, it probably wouldn't make a very good impression, neither would your four-color brochure. Heavy coated paper just "prints

B-to-B Small Mailings See Big Results (1,527 words)
July 1, 1999

by Dick Goldsmith What?! You say you're not the world's biggest business-to-business mailer. And your budget fits into something smaller than a breadbox. Not to worry. To make any size budget work harder and produce more sales leads, inquiries and sales from the companies that make up your selling universe, you need a smart plan. THINK STRATEGICALLY, ACT TACTICALLY Your first strategic question is to decide what business you're in. It's not enough to say, "Oh, we sell stopnuts (or railroad ties, office supplies, left-handed OEM parts, industrial coatings, health care, business services, whatever)." Let's rephrase the "what business you're in" question this way:

Is It Time to Test a Freemium? (815 words)
April 1, 1998

by Dick Goldsmith They shouldn't do this to me! My mother did it to me when I was little. I'm grown-up now. It shouldn't still be happening. And yet, they still make me feel guilty. Who? The direct marketers, that's who. I didn't ask for all those cards and labels, but I keep using them. So I have to keep sending them money. A freemium is a little something extra in a direct mail package. Its purpose, of course, is to lift response. It does this by involving the reader or giving the reader guilt. It gets its name from the fact that