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The Purpose-Driven Brand
April 16, 2015

Since the beginning of time to this very moment, we humans have been driven by purpose. Consciously and unconsciously, we seek meaning in our lives and the need to actively make a difference and leave a personal legacy of good when we move on from this existence. Jung addresses this in his Individuation process and so, too, do modern and past psychologists and researchers of human behavior drivers.

Death of the Agency? Not So Fast ...
September 15, 2014

The last season of "Mad Men" is approaching, but let's not be so fast to bury the ad agency with it. Media outlets are reading trends and are raising questions. The Economist has a special report on digital disruption in the advertising supply chain, and is quite taken by how "Big Digital's"

'Old' Direct Mail Tactics Still Work to Acquire New Customers
July 23, 2014

What marketers used to call MGM—or Member-Get-A-Member—efforts are as old as the hills, but they're effective when done right. If you have happy customers who love your products or services, ask them to refer a friend or colleague. Usually the person referring gets a reward of some kind, and the person being referred gets a goodie as well.

Denny's Daily Zinger: Can You Bring Back a Dead Brand?
January 29, 2014

A catalog that keeps dead brands alive—memories of your grandparents' childhood—is Voice of the Mountains, published by the Vermont Country Store. Among the stuff they sell: Wooden Pick-up Sticks, The Original 1935 Monopoly Game, Zud Heavy Duty Cleanser Powder. Plus slews more oldies and goodies

Irrational Customers and 2013's Tip Top Marketing Campaign
October 21, 2013

Exhale, just landed from a jam-packed Direct Marketing Association DMA13 conference ... You have to hand it to New Zealanders. For two years' running, that nation's marketing practitioners have nailed a Diamond ECHO from the Direct Marketing Association's International ECHO Awards, which were presented last week during DMA13, the association's annual conference in Chicago.

Top 50 Mailers
September 1, 2013

Welcome to the brand new list of Target Marketing's Top 50 Mailers. For the first time, we are relying exclusively on data from our partner Who's Mailing What! in compiling this list, as well as the other lists in this article, combined with list management information provided by SRDS. Who's Mailing What! has compiled the most complete library of direct mail and email in the world, and has tracked mail for more than 25 years. Earlier this year, it relaunched on a state-of-the-art, fully searchable platform.

What is ‘Native Advertising’?
November 16, 2012

The term “native advertising” has gotten a lot of play around the digital media industry recently as publishers, platforms and other ad sellers look for ways to differentiate their offerings and combat the continued commoditization of banner ads. There’s no case that the Internet has shown the power of native advertising. After all, search ads are a truly native form of advertising—and Google can tell you how well that’s worked out. … Is native advertising really that new, or is it just sponsored content or “advertorial” repackaged for the digital age?

Direct Mail and the USPS: For Whom the Bell Tolls?
February 22, 2012

I recently read a USA Today front page article by Rick Hampson, titled “Bell tolls for the U.S. Mail, as we know it.” The article serves as a wistful retrospective glorifying the historical significance of the USPS, calling it a “national treasure.” But things always look better in the rear-view mirror; think how childhood memories gather fondness over elapsed decades. Hampson comes across as a Luddite in one paragraph, yet proselytizes the faster and cheaper communications enabled by the Internet in the next.

DMA Announces Opening of New Center for Accountable Marketing in Silicon Valley
September 8, 2011

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA), in collaboration with a consortium of innovative marketing companies, has launched the first-ever Center for Accountable Marketing (CAM) headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. Alexandra Morehouse, a seasoned marketing professional with leadership experience at American Express, Charles Schwab & Co.,, and most recently Chief Marketing Officer of AAA, will be CAM’s Executive Director reporting directly to DMA’s CEO, Lawrence M. Kimmel; ensuring that full DMA resources are available to support CAM’s success.