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6 Tips for B-to-B Data Collection
May 26, 2010

When the level of information on a prospect can mean losing a six-figure sales opportunity to a competitor by a week or two, it's critical to continually refine your data collection processes for optimal performance.

B-to-B Lead Generation: It's All About the Offer
March 1, 2006

By Susan Fantle The main difference between a sales message and a B-to-B lead generation message is that, to maximize response, lead generation does not sell the product, it sells the offer and gives prospects a reason to raise their hands. The reason for this is simple: Lead generation is used for higher-priced products that tend to require a longer, more complex decision process and often multiple decision makers. The goal of your initial direct mail contact is not to convince prospects that they need to buy your product or service, but rather that they need to learn more about it. That's why focusing

Generate B-to-B Leads with Surveys
December 12, 2005

"Surveys as the first communication with prospects has proven to be one of the most powerful direct marketing lead-generation tactics in B-to-B marketing." —Susan, Fantle, The Copy Works

What a Tease!
December 1, 2005

Tactics for getting your envelopes opened By Marissa Fabris Teasing prospects inside an envelope involves a balancing act for many mailers—tuning into pros-pects' needs, recognizing your company's goals and identifying a way to visually connect with prospects. What type of approach are you taking when it comes to envelope teasers? Perhaps you make an outrageous statement or ask a provocative question? Do you present a puzzle or a compelling offer? Maybe you promise a benefit or begin to tell a story? Or do you silently tease prospects inside with only a return address on the outer envelope? A look into

Web Copy Keep It Short
April 18, 2005

There are a lot of Web sites you'll see where in the middle of the body copy there are tons of links that'll take you to details about what might be mentioned in that paragraph. I disagree with that because I say keep the message short and get them through the entire message. Don't keep driving them to other pages until you've given them the story. You want to control how they get the message as best you can, but assuming that you can't control them, you want to make sure that they're going to get the message just like you would if you

Reaching Purchase Influencers
September 1, 2004

If you are marketing your B-to-B product to just one title, you may be selling yourself short By Susan Fantle How easy folks have it in consumer marketing! At least that's how it appears to us in the B-to-B arena. You see, in most consumer marketing efforts, the decision-maker, budget manager and product end-user are one in the same—not so in much of B-to-B marketing. Depending on the size of the businesses you target and the complexity of what you sell, multiple individuals can be involved in reviewing, recommending, choosing, purchasing or preventing the purchase of your product. Here are examples

What a Tease!
January 1, 2003

By Paul Barbagallo Some say the lead of a feature article should serve as a teaser, presenting a benefit or promise of one, designed to spark the reader's interest in going further into the story. Now that I have your attention, assuming the above paragraph did its job, isn't the outer envelope of your direct mail package obligated with the same arduous task? Freelance copywriter Herschell Gordon Lewis often has asserted that the only purpose of the envelope, other than keeping its contents from spilling out onto the street, is to get itself opened. Whether you tease with flashy color