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Archive Observations: Tell Donors What You Do
October 23, 2008

Nonprofits can reassure donors that their money is being spent well by using good teasers to call attention to budgeting efforts. In July, Make-A-Wish Foundation (Archive code #613-183464-0807) tells its target to "Look inside for our Report Card!" In the #10 envelope is a two-panel insert with pie charts breaking down expenses and funding sources, as well as a few statistics on the group's progress in helping children across the country. Telling the story of a sick child in the letter adds a heartfelt tug at the pursestrings. USA for UNHCR welcomes a new donor with the copy, "Here's what your recent donation is accomplishing," in large type on its 6" x 9-1/2" outer. The six-page newsletter inside highlights the agency's activities in assisting refugees around the world (Archive code #605-703402-0807).