Alternate Options (2,181 words)
December 1, 1998

Have you tried direct mail and found it to be too expensive for prospecting? Do you want to qualify prospects using a cheaper vehicle before sending out a solo direct mail effort? Or would you like to add a new program to your marketing plan? According to Jody Smith, alternate media director at Walter Karl, a good marketing plan includes alternate media as one of its elements. "As offers become more and more targeted and new mailers continue to enter the marketplace, no direct marketer should rely on just one form of advertising to meet or even exceed their desired goals. Whether

10 International Direct Mail Tests (895 words)
November 26, 1998

A change in your offer, creative or package size can dramatically increase response—or not. You'll never know unless you test. That's the beauty of direct marketing: You have the ability to test, re-test and roll out with your best effort. At Al Goodloe's recent Publisher's Multinational Direct "How Publishers Build Sales and Profits in Foreign Markets" conference, international mailers Institutional Investor, International Airline Passengers Association and National Geographic showed how they tested premiums, offers and creative in their international mail packages. Here's a down-and-dirty look at what worked, what didn't and why. Institutional Investor •The Institutional Investor's double postcard U.K. control was pulling

The Great Mentors (4,982 words)
October 1, 1998

Back In the earlier part of this century, direct marketing didn't even have a name. Over the years, more and more disciples became devoted to this super-focused method of reaching and selling customers; eventually direct marketing drew enough of a following to earn its own professional association and a trade journal. However, only in the past five years has direct marketing fanned out to touch nearly every company across this country—and even the world. For those who started out in this "industry," there weren't any college classes, associations or experts to learn from. No companies ran workshops, seminars or full-blown conferences on creating effective