White House 'Big Data' Review Recognizes Innovation and Self-Regulation
May 12, 2014

When the White House announced its intent to study the rise of "Big Data," as a citizen, I guessed there might be a lot to say about government surveillance, public safety and terrorism, in light of Snowden. As a consumer, I suspected there might be a lot of attention to data breaches, in light of the recent Target incident among others. As a working individual whose livelihood depends on data access and use for more relevant marketing, I was nervous

Go Green or Go Home—Transparency and Sustainability Key to Responsible Practices
May 7, 2014

There is no question that making the individual effort to be more environmentally conscious is a good thing. However, determining best practices can get tricky with corporations going public about going green, especially when it comes to transparency and honesty with consumers. “Green-washing” refers to the unethical practice of exaggerating or outright lying to consumers about the environmental-friendliness of a company’s practices, solely to improve the brand image. Consumers, once-bitten and now twice-shy, have become more skeptical about companies that make grand claims about the sustainability of their products or practices.

At Your Service! Really!
May 7, 2014

I had to meet a friend unexpectedly at the hospital the other day. As you would expect, my mind was racing with all sorts of "what ifs." I was wondering where to park when I pulled into the main entrance, and several kind people positioned at the door offered to valet my car and escort me to where I needed to go. This level of service reminiscent of a fine hotel, not a hospital, pleasantly surprised me. Genuine helpfulness and sincere caring. (And, thankfully, all turned out well for my friend.)

After Data Breach, Target Plans to Issue More Secure Chip-and-PIN Cards
May 1, 2014

Still pushing to right itself after an enormous data breach by cybercriminals, Target announced on Tuesday that it would switch its debit and credit cards over to a more secure technology by early next year, most likely making it the first major retailer in the country to do so. The company also said on Tuesday that it had hired a new CIO to oversee the company’s technology team and data security. The new debit and credit card technology, called chip and PIN, is widely used in Europe and considered to be far more secure than most cards used in the

The Power of Your Words
April 24, 2014

I'm a word nerd. And even though you may not be, please keep reading. It could make your mission as an entrepreneur, approving manager, creative director or designer (who works with writers) so much easier when you work with us. Rewarding, too. Here's the thing: for direct response writers, every word counts. That's because we know our word choices can make or break the response by which we're measured. For example, we've long understood the power of the word free versus using no charge or complimentary for generating traffic, leads and sales. Direct mail expert Dick Benson once proclaimed the word free as magical.

It's Scary How Well Marketers Know You
April 1, 2014

A letter from Wells Fargo Bank pitching a debt consolidation loan to my wife was so off base it could only have been generated by a computer. No actual banker could have looked at my wife’s accounts and concluded that she needs a loan. She’s as conservative as Ben Franklin, with saving and spending habits formed back when she was a commercial real estate broker and wanted her money to last through the next closing. That letter had to have been just another data-driven marketing pitch

The Power of Email Marketing
March 27, 2014

Join Reach Marketing CEO Greg Grdodian and Peggy Hatch, President of Target Marketing Group, and learn about the power of email marketing as the foundation of your prospecting and content strategy. Find out how to optimize the number one lead generator by making your emails more relevant, personalized and concise. You'll also discover how to use compelling content and establish authority in your industry. Watch the video:

The Big Issue Marketers Don't Want to Discuss
March 14, 2014

It sounds like IT, not marketing! Data breach, identity protection, customer security—these are terms that never concerned marketers much. The breaches that retailers Target, Neiman Marcus, Zappos and other brands, like Evernote, Living Social, LinkedIn and Adobe suffered have impacted the way consumers are interacting with brands. Security is now also a CMO's challenge—it's no longer only a worry for the CIO or CTO. The challenge for marketers is not making sure the CTO has bought the latest firewalls and verified all third-party vendors; the real issue is that today, it's not if your brand will be breached—but only when

Do Your Headlines and Calls-to-Action Go Ka-Ching? (2014 Direct Marketing Day @ Your Desk Virtual Conference Session)
March 13, 2014

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