Writing to an Audience of One
June 1, 2001

By Judy Cromwell Know thy audience" is the golden rule of every good direct response copywriter. Today more than ever, personalization and printing techniques—not to mention skilled database analyses and web-based applications that reach out to the customer—make it possible to target an amazingly narrow audience. But state-of-the-art technical applications go to waste if the writer fails to understand the prospect's psychographics—the fears and desires that motivate a sale. Here are three examples of great copywriting that capitalize on all the information available, including the writer's most treasured gifts: insight and common sense. Write Your Copy in the

Asset Management - The Digital Revolution (1,374 words)
March 1, 2000

It was December 1997 when Langhorne, PA-based Lenox Collections began talking about creating an internal database of product images. "We realized that to serve our many internal clients—including media and direct mail advertising, the catalog group, retail and U.K divisions and e-commerce—we needed access to our images through an inhouse archive," recalls Lisa Woodard, director of creative services for Lenox Collections, the direct marketing division of Lenox Inc. Until then, the company hadn't sat down and added up the value of this huge asset: It has over 2,000 solo product images valued at $800 a piece, totaling $1.6 million, plus another 1,200 catalog