RAPP's Loren Grossman to Deliver the Kick-Off Keynote at InterACT!
May 5, 2010

InfoTrends and North American Publishing Company (NAPCO) will welcome Loren Grossman, Global Chief Strategy Officer at RAPP, as a keynote speaker for the InterACT! Conference scheduled for August 10-11, 2010 at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O'Hare in Rosemont, IL.

Archive Observations: Tell Donors What You Do
October 23, 2008

Nonprofits can reassure donors that their money is being spent well by using good teasers to call attention to budgeting efforts. In July, Make-A-Wish Foundation (Archive code #613-183464-0807) tells its target to "Look inside for our Report Card!" In the #10 envelope is a two-panel insert with pie charts breaking down expenses and funding sources, as well as a few statistics on the group's progress in helping children across the country. Telling the story of a sick child in the letter adds a heartfelt tug at the pursestrings. USA for UNHCR welcomes a new donor with the copy, "Here's what your recent donation is accomplishing," in large type on its 6" x 9-1/2" outer. The six-page newsletter inside highlights the agency's activities in assisting refugees around the world (Archive code #605-703402-0807).

4 E-mail Marketing Trends Taking Shape
July 16, 2008

As Tom Goosmann, chief creative officer of New York-based agency True North Inc., said in his luncheon keynote address at this year’s DM Days New York Conference & Expo, two years ago some marketers didn’t know a “MyFace” from a “Spacebook.” Now, more marketers are busy Twittering away while they digg, del.ici.ous and reddit press releases, articles and blogs to add to their companies’ e-mail marketing and e-commerce efforts. And as the online environment continues to shift shape, the e-mail channel is expected to evolve to better serve consumers’ and business professionals’ interaction preferences. With inbox advertising avoidance on the rise, experts predict that

Should Congress Shut Down eBay?
February 6, 2008

I have a huge file on the European Union and the myriad ways bureaucrats in Brussels insinuate themselves and their personal agendas into every facet of business and life. They dictate what can and cannot be done in terms of work rules, consumer marketing, competition, the media, nannies, light bulbs, data and so much more. In November, the EU issued a directive on noise abatement that included how loud symphony orchestras are allowed to play. Last week I read the story of how the state of Pennsylvania wants to shut down the thriving eBay auction business of single mom Mary Jo Pletz, which enables

Two Tips for Data-Driven ROI
January 16, 2008

The one-size-fits-all marketing mentality is losing steam as personalization proves profitable. In an age of segmentation, treating all of your customers as one homogenous group is a recipe for disaster; you may risk losing valuable customers, says KnowledgeBase Marketing VP and Solutions Architect Arthur Middleton Hughes. Existing loyal customers are more profitable than new or disloyal customers simply looking for bargains. Determining who those loyal customers are and marketing to them based on database details is the best way to build and retain a strong, ROI-driven customer base. Consider the following database-building tactics: # 1. Equitable Distribution. To build and maintain loyalty you need

Arthur Middleton Hughes To Present What’s Working NOW! Webinar On How To Do Effective Database Marketing
January 9, 2008

Columbus, OH: January 9, 2007 - Training and development firm Working NOW! is teaming with Conference Call University and DM2-DecisionMaker to present an online training session on today’s best practices in database marketing. Preeminent database marketing expert Arthur Middleton Hughes will be the instructor. The program will take place on Tuesday, January 22 from 11:30 AM until 1:00 PM EST (17:30 - 19:00 GMT). Hughes, Founder of The Database Marketing Institute, vice president/ Solutions Architect for KnowledgeBase Marketing and author of seven books on database marketing, will present an educational module entitled How To Outgrow and Outprofit Your Competition: 7 “Musts” For Database Marketing Success.

Five Ways to Improve Outer Envelope Language
September 12, 2007

Format, the cover letter, the reply form, the premiums and/or freemiums … all key components of a direct mail package. But the most key component of all, most likely? The outer envelope. Here are six ways to make the language on that outer even more effective at achieving its end goal: getting the prospect to open the package. 1. Focus on the Outside “Mailers may say differently, but they tend to focus on what goes inside [the envelope]. But if you don’t get them past the outer envelope, it doesn’t matter how great your cover letter is,” asserts Pat Friesen, copywriter and owner of

Three Demands to Make of “Customizable” CRM
July 11, 2007

With a continually shifting competitive landscape, businesses are under more pressure than ever to respond to their customers’ needs. Of course, these needs also are continually changing. So, while most CRM vendors state that their solution is “customizable,” making that become reality often is challenging. A November 2006 whitepaper from CDC Software, an enterprise software application provider company based in Atlanta, discusses the key factors you should consider when evaluating CRM flexibility and the benefits a customizable CRM system can have for your organization. #1: Think Outside of Out-of-the-Box Solutions For organizations with mostly standard business practices, an “out-of-the-box” CRM solution with the

B-to-B: On the Right Track
June 1, 2007

The most basic form of response tracking requires direct marketers to determine which promotions generate the most sales, orders or inquiries for lead generation. Tracking activity to the promotion that generated it has always been a challenge, especially for B-to-B marketers. The number and complexity of those challenges keeps increasing, but the payback is becoming even more attractive as the latest postage increase makes B-to-B print materials more costly. Fortunately, there are many options B-to-B marketers can use to gain insight into how different promotions perform. A Complex Process Business buyers range from purchasing agents at extremely large technical companies who place orders