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Want More Buyers? 1.8X More $ales Come From Site Search
August 25, 2014

Site search? Snore. But no—site searchers are 1.8 times more likely to buy than the average e-commerce site visitor, says Graham Charlton, Econsultancy editor in chief. While site visitors only use onsite search 5.75 percent of the time, these searchers convert at a much higher rate—4.63 percent vs. 2.77 percent for the average visitor, Charlton writes on Aug. 19.

SLI Introduces Learning Recommendations Service to Deliver Highly Relevant Product Suggestions
February 28, 2014

Company: SLI Systems, a provider of site search, navigation and merchandising solutions
Product/Service: Learning Recommendations, an add-on to its flagship Learning Search site search solution 
What it Does: Aggregates customer behavior and uses data — e.g., search terms, pages accessed, purchase history — to determine the relationships between shopping activity and the products and content shoppers will ultimately select. A recommendations solution enables retailers to generate more revenue for their business.

Replatforming Versus a Site Search Upgrade
April 9, 2013

A new e-commerce platform is a big step for an online business — and a pricey one. However, a full-on replatforming effort isn't always necessary depending on the new features and capabilities your website needs. You may be able to put off this purchase for a while, if not indefinitely. By shifting your focus to your site search, you can achieve the improvements and efficiencies you need without the huge amount of time or the $500,000 to $10 million price tag that a new e-commerce platform will require.

What Are Retailers’ New Year Resolutions?
December 13, 2012

As online retailers prepare to take advantage of the growth opportunity in the new year, a new survey of nearly 500 global retailers conducted by SLI Systems shows improving conversions (63 percent) and attracting more customers to their websites (61 percent) continue to be their biggest challenges. As such, retailers plan to address these challenges by upgrading or changing their e-commerce platforms (18 percent), improving their site search functionality (18 percent) and search engine optimization efforts (17 percent), and solidifying their mobile commerce strategies (15 percent).

Smarter Remarketer Releases Advanced Marketing Analytics Feature
September 14, 2012

Company: Smarter Remarketer, a provider of automated and data-driven campaign management applications which give multichannel retailers the power to remarket to website visitors through personalized messaging
Product/Service: Merchandiser by Smarter Remarketer, a digital merchandising too

Streamline Site Navigation for Holiday Traffic, Part 2
November 10, 2011

Whether shopping in neighborhood stores, malls or online, holiday gift buyers have little time for aimless browsing. They need to find gifts for recipients on their list — and fast. Intuitive and user-friendly site navigation goes a long way toward helping online holiday shoppers complete that task. It encourages them to spend their gift dollars with you, not your competitor.

Streamline Site Navigation for Holiday Traffic, Part 1
November 3, 2011

If you think of point A as a prospect's entry to your website and point B as the content they came to your site to find, then you can see the wisdom of creating the shortest distance possible between points A and B. That path should be direct, logical and fast, particularly if you want to see lucrative conversion rates this holiday shopping season. Unfortunately, poor website navigation can derail the path your site visitors take, leading them away from desired products and potentially away from your site altogether.

SLI Systems Releases Conversion Optimizer
June 16, 2011

Company: SLI Systems, a provider of site search, navigation and merchandising solutions

Product/Service: Conversion Optimizer A/B, a multivariate testing tool

What it Does: Allows retailers to determine which formats and layouts of site search results pages generate the highest conversions in terms of list view versus grid view, display variations for color options and refinement options. It also helps to understand the return on investment the site search delivers.

The Secret to Great SEO Keywords: Site Search
February 16, 2011

If you limit your keyword research to terms people are using on Google, Bing and Yahoo, you're missing out on data that can help you market to your customers even more effectively. Keywords that your customers are using within your own website can yield new ideas for connecting people to your site content.