7 Key Marketing Trends for 2015
January 27, 2015

Learn key marketing trends for 2015 and tactics you can implement to help you engage customers and prospects more strongly.

IBM Silverpop: 2015, Year of the Customer Journey
December 5, 2014

Content marketing to help prospects along the customer journey is what companies will need to master in 2015, writes Ellen Valentine of Silverpop, an IBM company. "What makes a customer's journey especially meaningful," asks Valentine on Wednesday in her ClickZ article. "Helpful content as a prospect moves through his or her buying experience and additional follow-up information to encourage lifetime loyalty. From researching alternatives and planning a change to evaluating and comparing providers and selecting a solution, digital marketing can both orchestrate and support each of these stages."

Pats’ Racist Tweet: What to Do When Marketing Automation Fails
November 17, 2014

Marketing automation mistakes can cause even the mighty to fall. I wrote a December 2011 cover story about how the New England Patriots used analytics and trigger emails to successfully retain season ticket holders. Today, I'm writing about how software failed the NFL team.

How to Grow Your Email List—the Lifeline for Success
October 1, 2014

Have you measured your email list churn rate recently? You don't want a leaky bucket with more leaving than joining. Check this twice a year. A growing list of recipients provides you with boundless opportunities. Having a strong and vibrant list of email sign-ups is a lifeline for any marketer. The more people on your list, the more chance to market effectively to them. We'll focus on tactics to make sure your pipeline is growing and not stagnant.

Inbox Through the ‘Out Door’
July 28, 2014

Quick question: You just sent out 100,000 emails, so what's better? A. 20,000 opened emails, with a .5 percent clickthrough rate; or B. 8,000 opened emails with a 1.25 percent clickthrough rate. Answer: Assuming the same starting population of 100,000, they both generate the same total—100 clicks. But are they equally effective? Which is better? This article will argue that Scenario B trumps Scenario A all day long.

3 Industry Trends That Boost Email Campaigns
July 7, 2014

Clickthrough rates (CTRs) are often used to compare how successful an email campaign is. If people are clicking through your email, they're engaging with it, taking note of the promotions and ultimately keeping your company in their minds. If you're not seeing a decent CTR, you're not achieving anything with them. This article will reveal three of these industry trends and analyze why these industries are seeing such a higher CTR from their emails. In addition, the article will suggest how you may apply them to your own email marketing program to generate customer engagement.

Timely, Automated Emails Equal Marketing Success
June 24, 2014

Timely and automated personalized marketing messages are far more successful in engaging customers than messages generated manually without the consideration of recent recipient actions, according to the 2014 Email Marketing Benchmarks Study published this month by Silverpop, a digital marketing software provider. For the study, Silverpop compared the performance of transactional versus non-transactional email messages and automated versus manual email messages. The report studied emails sent by 3,000 brands worldwide throughout 2013.