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4 Tips to Optimize E-mail Clickthrough Rates
February 18, 2009

E-mail clickthroughs can be like hubs on bicycle wheels. A lot is going on around them and needs to connect through them in order to deliver its rider to a destination. So direct marketers believe optimizing e-mail clickthrough rates will help them reach their goals of higher sales.

What's That Contact Worth?
November 1, 2008

Today, smart marketers are beginning to tie their marketing activities to the lifetime customer value of various segments of their databases. E-mail is a key ingredient in this approach and can be used to target marketing dollars more effectively by sending more relevant messages and offers. Instead of blasting out a single message to an entire database, a marketer can tailor messages to customer segments based on their lifetime values, both to solidify the relationship with those customers and to try to build the value of lower-performing segments. Targeting messages this way has other rewards, too: More relevant messaging means recipients are more likely to open and act on your e-mail and less likely to unsubscribe, go inactive or simply report your e-mail as spam.

5 Tips for Improving Lead Management
October 15, 2008

Just because a survey is short doesn't mean people will finish it. Prospects are more likely to fill out a form that takes less time and are more likely to be impressed by a quick response, Silverpop found in research it announced two weeks ago.

3 Tips to Maximize E-mail Delivery Rates
September 24, 2008

In today's marketing environment, e-mail campaigns are more important than ever. With more consumers relying on e-mail for communications, and more messages hitting their inboxes, it's crucial for marketers to make sure their e-mails are delivered.

During Recession, Retain Best Customers Online
May 7, 2008

During economic downturns, marketers should focus first on their current customers to protect market share and keep generating sales. In its whitepaper, How to Beat the Bear: Seven Secrets to Recession-Proof Marketing, e-mail marketing firm Silverpop advises targeting current customers online. Silverpop recommends incorporating behavioral targeting systems within e-commerce, Web analytics and other online platforms in order to boost revenue and improve brand loyalty and positioning. Two prime examples of online customer behavior that warrant targeted messaging are unpurchased shopping cart items and abandoned sign-up processes; finding out why customers abandoned a shopping cart or a registration form can improve loyalty and encourage a

Landing Page Basics
August 1, 2007

When creating landing page copy, successful marketers focus on what recipients can read in eight seconds, according to Silverpop’s 2007 landing page report, 8 Seconds to Capture Attention. Here are three landing page design tips to quickly capture your prospect’s attention. 1. Use light-colored backgrounds. To encourage readability, the study reports eight out of 10 landing page designers place copy over white or very light-colored backgrounds instead of bright, bold backgrounds. When designing a text box to draw attention to a bulleted list or key product attributes, the most effective way to use color is to keep it simple. A color block background works

Silverpop Acquires Demand Management Company Vtrenz
May 9, 2007

ATLANTA, May 08, 2007 – Silverpop, a leading email marketing service provider, today announced the acquisition of pre-eminent marketing automation and lead management company Vtrenz. Offering a true, on-demand marketing solution, Vtrenz is in the forefront of delivering automated, multi-channel marketing solutions that optimize lifecycle marketing campaigns throughout all stages, from initial interest to engagement and beyond. Together, Silverpop and Vtrenz provide the broadest lifecycle marketing solution for BtoB and BtoC marketers in mid-market and enterprise organizations. “Silverpop has experienced phenomenal growth in terms of customers, product offerings and revenue during the past few years,” said Silverpop CEO Bill Nussey. “Now the powerful combination of

Nuts & Bolts: Buck the Learning Curve with Surveys
April 1, 2007

To keep pace with today’s consumer-driven marketplace, you have to achieve relevance with your customers. E-mail marketers are answering the call for more precisely targeted customer communication by taking the lead from their marketing-researcher counterparts and including surveys and polls in their campaigns, says Elaine O’Gorman, vice president of strategy for Atlanta-based e-mail marketing services provider Silverpop. “People are somewhat reluctant to fill out the types and depth of information that is really going to allow you to market to them well at the point of opt-in, either because they don’t have time to or because, frankly, they’re just beginning a relationship with you,” she

Get Inside Your Customer’s Psyche
March 28, 2007

Implementing any type of marketing program requires an in-depth understanding of your customers’ wants and needs. However, before diving in with both feet, Elaine O’Gorman, vice president of strategy for Atlanta-based e-mail marketing services provider Silverpop, recommends taking into account the two psychological preferences that most impact your customers’ purchasing habits. She maintains these drivers can help explain buying patterns and the reasons behind the consumer decision-making process. Each has its own strengths on which a marketer can capitalize to achieve relevance with an audience. • Implicit preferences are behavioral cues that reveal who your customer is. To determine this information, marketers should study