Sigma Micro LLC

SigmaCommerce 4.4
June 25, 2009

Company: Sigma Micro, a software and outsourced e-commerce services provider for direct retailers Product/Service: SigmaCommerce 4.4, a software suite for managing multiple direct retail channels

Sigma Micro Unveils Update of its Order Management Tool
March 6, 2008

Company: Sigma Micro, an order management solutions provider that targets direct retailers. Product/Service: SigmaCommerce 4.1, an updated order management tool. What it does: SigmaCommerce 4.1 introduces the eStore Manager, which is designed to enable users to build and manage Web stores within the SigmaCommerce application. Sigma Micro says one of the key benefits of eStore Manager is it allows real-time integration with product information and customer data in a single database.

Extending Upselling and Cross-Selling Efforts (2,414 words)
November 1, 1999

By Kelly J. Andrews A very good retail salesperson upsells this handbag to match that dress, the lamp to complement the sofa. To contrast, telephone reps, lacking face-to-face contact, used to function as mere order-takers, not salespeople. Direct marketers relied on persuasive copy to sell, not their inbound reps. This outdated reality has changed. The reasons are several: First, the increased costs of mailing have put pressure on call centers to increase order sizes and become profit centers. Second, upselling and cross-selling efforts not only increase average order size, but also help retain customers by turning single-buyers into multi-buyers and upping their involvement with