Buying Twitter Followers? Beware StatusPeople, the Service That Exposes Social Media's Black Market
August 14, 2012

Buying Twitter followers is cheap and easy. But a new app from StatusPeople that uncovers fakes can make it costly—very costly—to your digital reputation. ... Late Sunday afternoon my friend @caronsue (2477 followers) posted a photo on Twitter displaying her StatusPeople "Faker Score," revealing that 96 percent of her followers are good, 3 percent inactive, and only 1 percent fake. While 2011 was the year of Klout, the popular service that calculates a user's online influence, this new tool could prove to be even more disruptive

E-commerce Link: Work Hand-in-hand
December 1, 2004

Three actions are critical to great affiliate programs There are many techniques unique to individual affiliate programs. However, there still are several elements universal to the successful ones. Three actions critical to any great affiliate program are: plan for success; think win/win; and communicate. Plan for Success Marketers consistently take for granted the level of planning involved in starting an affiliate program. All too often clients ask for a quick setup. When I tell them it will take a few weeks to develop the necessary strategies, they almost always ask if we can expedite the process. While it’s understandable that everyone wants to increase