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Finding & Funding
April 1, 2008

If you’ve watched any amount of late-night TV, you’ve undoubtedly experienced commercials of the “if you’ve been in an accident … ” variety. While these ads contribute to the stereotype of lawyer as ambulance chaser, they do reach people in trouble who might otherwise be reluctant to turn to the courts for assistance and legal relief. But while finding a lawyer is the first step in any lawsuit you plan to file, in many cases the issue of how to find a lawyer will soon be supplanted by the question of how to fund one. If you have been in an auto accident or

Study Demonstrates Impact of Google Checkout, Visibility of Search Engine Click-Through Rates
March 17, 2008

SendTec Teams with Eyetools, Examines Consumer Response to Google Checkout St. Petersburg, Fla.—Dec 13, 2007— With the Cyber Monday collapse of Yahoo’s checkout platform, the checkout features offered by both Google and Yahoo are receiving tremendous scrutiny from advertisers and consumers. With this recent disastrous event, advertisers need clear documentation of what the potential benefits are from opting into a Search Engine’s checkout feature. A recent study from SendTec, Inc. (OTCBB: SNDN), a Search-Centricsm multi-channel marketing company, and Eyetools Inc., the leader in eyetracking analysis software, investigated the impact of the redesigned Google Checkout icon on Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s). The eyetracking

The 2008 Oscars: No Country for Online Ad Integration
February 25, 2008

St. Petersburg, Fla. – February 25, 2008 - Amongst the glitz and glamour of Hollywood’s biggest night, advertisers shelled out nearly $1.8 million for 30 seconds in the spotlight. Riding closely on the coattails of the Super Bowl, which drew $2.7 million for the same airtime, big brand advertisers were anxious to put their products in front of the captivated millions that have been so difficult to find throughout the now resolved writers strike. With an increasing trend toward stretching the television media dollar by integrating commercials with follow-up online interaction, advertisers are learning how to do this best and how to

Ad Tracking in the Mobile World
January 1, 2008

Ad Tracking in the Mobile World Seattle–based M:Metrics, a mobile media provider, recently unveiled a competitive tracking service for mobile ads called M:AdTracker. The monthly syndicated data service continuously monitors clickable display advertising from a broad representative set of mobile Web destinations and then classifies the data by industry/sector, company, division and product/service to reveal leading advertisers in and across market segments. Marketers can gather insights on competitors’ seasonal tactics and other campaign rotation activity via weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual tracking. Web:

Extra Space Storage DRTV and Search Case History
November 30, 2007

Extra Space Storage is the second largest operator of storage facilities in the U.S. They had three objectives when coming to SendTec: develop a new aggressive paid search strategy, redesign their website and improve conversion, and develop new television spots.  Read how we improved efficiency and conversions from search, and see the effect TV plays on a Search Campaign when integrated correctly.

SendTec Launches Highly Advanced Tracking Tool Available for SEM
November 30, 2007

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (11-2007) New Action Cycle Tracking Follows Consumer Purchase Cycle from First Inquiry St. Petersburg, Fla.—November 2, 2007—SendTec (OTCBB: SNDN), a pioneering Search-Centricsm multichannel marketing agency, today announces the beta version of their new Action Cycle Tracking (ACT) tool, an added feature to their SearchFactz™ 3.0 SEM management system. This proprietary technology is the first of its kind to take a “first in, last out” approach to measuring keyword search dynamics, offering marketers both a more comprehensive way of quantifying the effectiveness of search-based advertising campaigns and a better understanding of consumer behavior from the initial search action through the final purchase. The stages of

Search Engine Marketing: Search Has a New Friend—DRTV
October 1, 2007

Orkin, the 106-year-old, Atlanta-based pest control giant successfully leveraged direct response television (DRTV) for SEM optimization this August, resulting in better search engine query requests and an increase in impressions and clickthrough rates. Coordinating SEM campaigns with DRTV commercials helps support the firm’s marketing efforts by capturing online orders triggered through search engines. According to Orkin’s Director of Interactive Marketing Rob Crigler, company data shows growing numbers of people are using the Internet to search for both the Orkin name and the “pest threat” concept the firm promoted via its DRTV campaigns. For Orkin, conversion rates across DRTV display URLs, “buzz” keywords and brand

Online Synergy
January 1, 2006

Is everyone on the same page? Tactics for integrating your online marketing efforts. The phrase “online integration” has been bandied about for years, but it appears that few companies really understand and implement it successfully. In fact, many don’t have a clear definition of what integration actually entails. Having migrated from direct mail to the Internet back in 1995, I’ll give you my perspective on the positives that can result from an integrated online program, as well as the negatives that will occur if you don’t have such a program. Nowadays, most direct marketers are using, or plan to use, some or all of