Agencies Know the Score on Web Tracking
April 21, 2008

A discrepancy between Google click data and comScore's estimates of those data before they were released caused the Web-measurement firm's share price to plunge last week. But on Madison Avenue, the difference wasn't much of a shock. Rather, it was another reminder that the science of tracking Internet usage is still far from perfect. Digital-advertising executives say they have long taken comScore numbers with a grain of salt and don't plan on curtailing their use of the Reston, Va., research firm because of the Google flap. "We have not expected the numbers to be 100% accurate," says Sarah Fay, chief executive of both Carat and Isobar US, ad companies owned by Aegis Group. "I think that comScore has been as good as anything we've had previously."

Nuts & Bolts: Tech Talk
October 1, 2007

Go Retail to Web E-commerce application platform and services provider MarketLive has introduced FastTrack, an e-commerce solution designed to help retailers launch a fully optimized B-to-C e-commerce site in three months or less. FastTrack includes more than 200 e-commerce features bundled with MarketLive’s MarketLive 5 e-commerce platform, as well as intelligent imaging with dynamic image generation and zoom, free Google analytics, and search engine optimization. The solution also includes a rich display catalog that gives e-tailers a range of options for their online storefront. Real-time site management tools allow nontechnical staff to edit page displays, products, image, promotions, editorial content and merchandising information. Web:

Blue Sky Factory Integrates Return Path's Technology
September 13, 2007

Baltimore-based Blue Sky Factory Inc. (, an e-mail marketing service provider, has integrated New York-based Return Path's ( Sender Score e-mail deliverability and monitoring technology within its e-mail marketing application Publicaster. As such, Blue Sky Factory clients now have access to an advanced collection of robust tools designed to optimize deliverability and enhance campaign return.

High Tech Run Amok
May 24, 2007

For years, audiences have suspected that Britney Spears was lip-synching at her live performances. As one fan wrote in a blog: In her concerts when her microphone is turned on for her to talk to the audience, you can hear Spears gasping and trying to catch her breath and seconds later when she breaks back into song, she is smoothly singing without a problem, yet somehow her fans are just catching on that she might not be the “live” singer they thought she was. Last week, America’s hottest little pop tart was hoist by her own petard. During her show in Orlando, Fla., the

Four Easy Ways to Improve E-mail Deliverability
April 25, 2007

If the U.S. Postal Service had an 80 percent delivery rate, marketers would mutiny. So why do we settle for approximately the same delivery rate of legitimate commercial e-mail? Studies show that up to 20 percent of e-mail is not delivered to subscribers. The costs of that undelivered e-mail are very real and include lost transactions, lack of or inconsistent communication, ineffective marketing and more. Conversely, optimal delivery can increase communication, sales and brand building, and improve customer relationships. Here are some simple steps you can take to increase the chances that your e-mail will be delivered: • Freshen your list regularly. Remove subscribers

Time to Rethink BANT
June 1, 2005

By Russell Kern It's called lead generation, not purchase order generation, for a reason. On returning from this year's DMA Direct Marketing to Business conference in Orlando, Fla., I was surprised to have heard that B-to-B direct marketers still struggle with the results from their lead generation campaigns. At the trade show, I heard many conversations about how sales managers are complaining to direct marketing managers that their campaigns are not generating enough qualified leads. Worse, sales seems to be increasing its criticism of marketing for not knowing how to do its job. What sales seems to be asking direct marketers is: Why can't

INTERNATIONAL How to Create a Global Privacy Program (888 word
July 1, 2001

By Sheila Donovan Customer relationship management is one of direct marketing's hottest buzzwords. However, a key component of a business-to-consumer relationship often is overlooked. To remain competitive, direct marketers must also consider adding "privacy relationship management" to their list of things to do. Individuals around the world want to manage their privacy relationship with you! They want to understand what you want to know, why you want to know it, and what you do with this information. With whom do you plan to share it and how long do you plan to keep it? The capture of personal data for marketing purposes

Where in the World (1,824 words)
March 1, 2001

By Richard Miller How to determine the best market for your product or service Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? As you may know, that was the name of a delightful children's television program on PBS. Using a huge map of the world (without country names) painted on the floor, the young contestants vied with one another to plant themselves on the correct spot when a country name was called. The kids had fun, and it was fun to watch. But as an international direct marketer, you may not be having as much fun trying to guess where in the world your company