B-to-B Brands Score With Online Marketing
January 14, 2011

Only one-half ( 50%) of B-to-B marketers formally measure the return of their online marketing investments, but those that do say online is more effective than traditional marketing channels, according to a report by AMR International.

7 Ways B-to-B Marketers Can Influence a Sale
December 15, 2010

What can B-to-B marketers do to have a more direct impact on the sales process? The answer is less about the promotion and more about what you do with the leads when they respond.

Facebook's Display Ads Score Serious Face Time
November 9, 2010

Nearly one of every four graphical, online display ads viewed in the United States in the third quarter was on Facebook's website, according to a new report by Web analytics firm comScore.

SalesFUSION, Inc. Announces New Partnership with ReturnPath
July 9, 2010

SalesFUSION, the maker of SalesFUSION 360, an integrated sales and marketing demand generation platform, today announced that it has entered into a direct use and partner/referral relationship with Return Path, Inc., the global market leader in email deliverability and reputation management solutions. "Return Path is a clear market leader in the deliverability space and adds tremendous value to our internal b2b email marketing platform," said Kevin Miller, EVP Marketing & Sales for SalesFUSION.

Fraud Score
February 18, 2010

Company: Volusion, an online shopping cart software provider
Prodcut/Service: Fraud Score, a credit card fraud protection service
What It Does: Enables online store owners to detect fraudulent orders before payments are processed.

If you are doing Pay-Per-Click Advertising for some time you...
January 12, 2009

"If you are doing Pay-Per-Click Advertising for some time, you have probably figured that your Ad Copy plays a vital role in the success of your PPC campaign. Even after having your best keywords & a very compelling sales copy — your PPC campaign may fail. And among many reasons, the one that I'm going to elaborate on is your Ad Copy.

Sometimes we tend to forget that no matter how technical the whole PPC gets with things like Quality Score, Campaign Optimization etc. — An Ad Copy is still just an Ad Copy. It has much less technicality and if you can keep it plain and simple, it would probably work best for you."

— Jan. 12, "9 Tips to Write Effective Google AdWords Copy," posted by Saad Kamal, Search Engine Journal

Covario Launches New Search Algorithm
August 28, 2008

Company: Covario, an interactive marketing analytics firm. Product/Service: A new algorithm called the Search Synergy Score, which is an upgrade to its flagship offering, the Covario Marketing Action Platform. What it does: According to Covario, the metric allows Covario clients -- which include large advertisers and agencies -- to manage paid and organic search programs down to the campaign and keyword level.

New Rules of Mathematical Marketing
June 1, 2008

The marketing challenge all companies face can be divided into two parts: customer acquisition and marketing to existing customers. Today, search engine marketing is the dominant methodology for customer acquisition, and Google is the preferred vehicle. The equally important task of existing customer marketing has a growing consensus around a set of best practices called mathematical marketing (MM). MM is the scientific process of marketing to existing customers based on a scientific understanding of how past customer behavior predicts future purchases. Key elements of the process include behavioral tracking, predictive analytics, behavioral targeting, testing, what-if analysis and results measurement. For comparison, the typical elements

A New Approach to Integrated Marketing
April 23, 2008

I had a great chat the other day with Elana Anderson, the former Forrester Research superstar analyst who has gone out on her own with her (relatively new) company, NxtERA Marketing. The company offers advisory and consulting services to marketing organizations and providers of marketing services and technology. We were discussing a new study that her company worked on with marketing solutions provider Responsys.