A Model for Evaluating Facebook Pages and Competitive Analysis
October 27, 2011

During a recent webinar from Covario, over 100 digital marketers were asked what the main goal of their Facebook page is. The results aren't surprising. In general, driving sales is the No. 1 priority of digital marketers’ social media programs. However, 45 percent of the respondents said driving engagement and brand awareness is their top priority.

5 Content Management CMS Tips for Large Enterprises
October 10, 2011

Some of the challenges of working with large enterprises revolve around the complexity of how the company is internally organized. For instance, many large enterprise are comprised of several different departments that may or may not have existing relationships. In such circumstances, our roles as SEOs become more complicated as our task as SEOs oftentimes becomes that of a project manager, while we simultaneously develop strategies on how to implement strong internal processes that are ideally somewhat automated.

How to Protect Your Email Program From Spam Traps
August 19, 2011

Spam traps are addresses set up to catch email marketers who follow poor list acquisition and hygiene methods. They come in two flavors: true and recycled traps. A true trap is an email address created by an internet service provider or blacklist owner; they don't sign the address up to receive any marketing messages. True traps exist to catch spammers that acquire addresses through nefarious methods like harvesting. A recycled trap is an abandoned email address that an ISP uses to catch mailers who aren’t following good list hygiene practices.

How Conversion Triggers Increase Sales
July 28, 2011

As marketers you want to target and convert prospects who will be most satisfied with your products or services. That's what makes buyers and sellers content. The better you understand your customers’ needs and desires and the more you enter into the conversation already happening in their heads, the more likely you can convert and delight them.

Challenges Creating Compelling SEO Content in the Enterprise
July 7, 2011

We took a look at how well Fortune 500 high-tech companies optimize their landing pages for specific keywords, so that they play a critical role in giving their brands optimal search engine visibility for high-traffic terms and phrases. Within the overall scoring system, there are sub-scores for content, technical quality and linking. We found that those high-tech marketer websites with Content Audit Scores above 75 (out of 100) also had an average Google organic rank of 12.

Study Says Marketers Must Repair Poor Reputations to Reach the Inbox
June 17, 2011

Email reputation is key in having your messages reach the inbox. If you have a bad reputation, chances are that your messages won't reach the intended audience. A new study from Return Path titled, The Sender Reputation Report: Key Factors That Impact Email Deliverability, urges email marketers to study these factors such as complaint levels, spam traps and unknown users, to ensure the best results possible for your email marketing campaign.

Genuine Strategies to Outsmart Paid Search Counterfeiters
June 16, 2011

According to MarkMonitor, counterfeiters sold $135 billion in goods online in 2010. Many counterfeiters are now using paid search to engage U.S. consumers. Search engines make this possible by allowing third parties — potentially counterfeiters — to bid on others' trademarks (e.g., Coach bags, Oakley sunglasses, Rosetta Stone). Search engines prohibit advertisers from promoting counterfeit goods, but smart counterfeiters regularly evade the engines. Offshore counterfeiters also evade U.S. law enforcement, which only has jurisdiction to seize domestic domains. As a result, some high-end retailers and software providers are being forced to wage a constant paid search battle against counterfeiters.