Scientific American

Why Direct Mail Won’t Die
May 13, 2015

You've seen the proclamations over the years that direct mail is near death, along with the counter-arguments that it's nowhere near dead. Today I share a deeper perspective of the reason why direct mail won't die

What Is 4D Printing?
November 6, 2013

The biggest breakthroughs in how we make things lie not in the technology to manipulate materials but in the materials themselves. Such is the thinking behind “4D printing,” an experimental approach to manufacturing that expands on much-hyped 3D printing processes. Instead of building static three-dimensional items from layers of plastics or metals, 4D printing employs dynamic materials that continue to evolve in response to their environment. This new wrinkle in the maker movement comes courtesy of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Self-Assembly Lab

Test ‘Up’ in Direct Mail Vouchers
January 9, 2008

An increasingly popular direct mail format, the voucher has infiltrated almost every sector from financial, to publishing and even fundraising. What makes this down and dirty format tick is its low production and design costs and high ROI. Yet, many marketers hope to avoid format fatigue and develop new controls by testing up—i.e., adding more value—in voucher formats. “I think vouchers are sort of going to fatigue … I think product mail really has to differentiate itself from the financial services, and I’m not sure the voucher format is the best way to do that,” explains Simon Aronin, associate publisher for Scientific American. Aronin