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'Gift Guide'-Themed Emails Outperformed Promos in Holiday Season 2012
January 24, 2013

The 2012 holiday season brought with it a record number of marketing emails in our inboxes. According to Experian Marketing Services, the volume was 5 percent higher for this holiday season compared to 2011. One trend we couldn’t help but notice was the number of holiday gift guide emails. We like these examples from Crate & Barrel and Levi’s. The Crate & Barrel email creates a warm holiday feeling, with a call to action to “shop holiday gifts” at the top, along with a more detailed call to action below to get inspiration from their gift guide. What we learned:

Retailers Enliven Catalog Offerings Through Apps
November 21, 2011

When you browse Anthropologie’s stores, you feel as if you’re wandering through an artsy home, where there are sure to be closets full of eclectic outfits, bedrooms with bohemian quilts and kitchen tables with mismatched dishes. But when you visit its e-commerce site, you get none of that feel; you’re just scrolling through an unimaginative grid of clothes worn by wooden mannequins. Anthropologie wants to change that, and thinks the tablet is the key.

Limited Warranty or Guarantee?
September 21, 2010

A money-back guarantee from an international airline?

Unheard of!

In an industry where CRM stands for "Customer Relationship Mayhem," this is a breakthrough concept.

Yet there it was in Scott McCartney’s "Middle Seat" blog in The Wall Street Journal and on the OpenSkies Airlines Web site.

Okay, the "Terms and Conditions" contained 598 words in unreadable, light-gray mouse-type crafted by lawyers. And to get a refund, a disgruntled passenger had to write a letter describing the unhappy circumstances that prompted the refund request.

But the typical direct marketing shyster would not pony up $1400 plus fees and taxes in the vague hope of getting $700 back. This is a serious offer made to serious travelers, with little danger of frivolous claims by typical direct marketing bandits.

How to Launch a Business Instantly
September 29, 2009

From Warren Buffett’s Stunning Video Testimonial
I have to tell you I now have nine suits all made in China; I threw away the rest of my suits. Our directors, my partner Charlie Munger, Walter Scott, Ron Olson and even Bill Gates now, are wearing suits made by Dayang Trands. And they know and love Madam Li for what she’s accomplished. As a matter of fact I think maybe Bill Gates and I should start a men’s clothing store and sell the suits made by Madam Li. I think we would be great salesmen, because we love them so much. The suits we’ve received that have been made in China we’ve never had to alter a quarter of an inch. They fit perfectly. We get compliments on them. It’s been a long time since I got compliments on how I looked. But since I’m wearing Madam Li’s suits I get compliments all the time. So maybe Bill and I can start a clothing store. And if we sold the suits made by Dayang Trands someday we might even be rich, who knows.

Warren Buffett's testimonial on the 30th anniversary of Madam Li Guilian’s company was released over The Wall Street Journal’s digital network on Sept. 10 as a YouTube-type video. Dalian Dayang Trands Co. stock jumped 70%.

Because I work at home, I haven't bought a new suit in five years. After that endorsement, I lusted after a Trands suit.

No dice. They're available only at the 20 Trands stores in China—mostly in secondary cities, the brand wasn't even widely known in China—or by mail to the very rich who know the owner, Madam Li, and have access to a great fitter.

What we're looking at is not only the greatest testimonial in the history of the world, but also a marketing opportunity that gives me the tingles.

A Fashion-forward Web Fix for Intermix
July 1, 2006

Challenge: Increase the functionality and boost revenue on a fashion retailer’s Web site Solution: Redesign Web site for greater operational ease and better customer service using a hosted e-commerce platform Result: Increase in visitor traffic and online sales In the fast-paced, competitive world of women’s retail, establishing a relationship with your customers is essential if you want to thrive. Nowadays, this means offering a multichannel experience, including a user-friendly Web site that supports your brand—a fact not lost on New York City-based women’s retailer Intermix. With more boutique retailers optimizing their multichannel efforts, and even the larger department stores such as Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue