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The 5 Ws of Marketing
May 1, 2014

Content Marketing: All the cool kids are doing it. But are they doing it right? Don't be one of the thousands of businesses checking the box on content marketing. Leverage your company's expertise on your industry and audience to truly build brand awareness, engage with customers and achieve business goals, using these tips.

There's No Avoiding Google+
January 7, 2013

Google is challenging Facebook by using a controversial tactic: requiring people to use the Google+ social network. The result is that people who create an account to use Gmail, YouTube and other Google services—including the Zagat restaurant-review website—are also being set up with public Google+ pages that can be viewed by anyone online. Google+ is a Facebook rival and one of the company's most important recent initiatives as it tries to snag more online advertising dollars. Google+ users are encouraged to create digital "circles" of friends and spend time interacting with them on the Google+ site, akin to Facebook.

Men Are Cheap, Social Media Study Finds
September 26, 2012

Global digital marketing companies Resolution Media and Kenshoo Social published a new report entitled Social Media Insights: Men are Cheap, which explores gender differences in Facebook advertising campaigns and offers actionable guidance to advertisers. Previewed last week to clients attending the 2012 Resolution Media Summit, this third report in a series for marketers running ad campaigns on the world's largest social network follows Social Media Insights: Metrics that Matter and 2012 Social Media Advertising Global Games.

4 Free Tools That are Unsung Heroes of SEO
October 20, 2011

Search engine optimization can be complex, challenging and ever-changing. Fortunately, there are many SEO tools to help marketers get the job done. In fact, many of them are free. These tools can provide a wealth of valuable information that can be leveraged in many ways, from the most elaborate segmented research to the most rudimentary tasks.