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The More You Know
February 1, 2015

What is one of the biggest challenges for email marketers? Deliverability. Do your emails get delivered to the primary inbox, show up in a bulk or spam folder, or does an ISP silently delete them?

How to Grow Your Email List—the Lifeline for Success
October 1, 2014

Have you measured your email list churn rate recently? You don't want a leaky bucket with more leaving than joining. Check this twice a year. A growing list of recipients provides you with boundless opportunities. Having a strong and vibrant list of email sign-ups is a lifeline for any marketer. The more people on your list, the more chance to market effectively to them. We'll focus on tactics to make sure your pipeline is growing and not stagnant.

Give It Some Juice
August 1, 2014

It's a challenge to make emails stand out in an increasingly crowded inbox. How do you separate your company from the crowd? Here are five tactics to improve your odds of success:

Covering All the Bases
May 1, 2014

You've seen the reports that email has the ROI of any digital or offline channel. Looking forward, in 2016 the Direct Marketing Association projects this ROI by channel: Email—$35.02; Search—$23.62; Social—$13.43; Direct Mail—$12.57; and Mobile—$12.45.So, don't think about email as dead. Think about email as a vibrant communications vehicle.

Email Cadence
March 1, 2014

One of the frequently asked questions about email marketing is "How often should I mail?" Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet. The answer will depend on how robust your email program is, your email preference center, how diligent you are as a marketer, etc. So to begin, let's explore the cons and the pros of frequency.

43 Top Tips of 2013
December 1, 2013

To close out the year, the Target Marketing editorial staff reviewed all the content from the magazine, Today @ Target Marketing e-newsletter and blogs in 2013, hunting for some of the best marketing ideas and tips from our top experts to share with you.