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Can We Chat About Web Chat?
November 1, 2002

Why your call center absolutely, positively might need Web chat. By Mitchell Lieber Did you realize that your Web site is considered antiquated if it doesn’t have Web chat? Did you know that customers will desert your business if you don’t offer it? Hold on! That’s not quite true, yet—certainly not for all businesses. Perhaps some day it will be, but today, using Web chat should be carefully considered. See below for a few examples of companies that use Web chat, and others that don’t. All of these companies are icons in their markets. So how do you know if your Web

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August 1, 2001

LOOK TO THE BASICS TO TURN A MARGINAL YEAR INTO A SUCCESS By Heather Maylander It is that time of year when everyone is forecasting, predicting and projecting that all important fourth quarter sales number. How much will 2001 holiday sales be up over 2000 sales—8 percent, 5 percent, 2 percent? The naysayers will start to question whether they will even be up at all. What market segments will be hot? What will be the must-have cool gift that will headline every morning talk show? Direct marketers, too, are in the middle of the fray, depending on fall and holiday mail campaigns to