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On the Radar
November 1, 2008

"What's new in direct mail?" is one of the most frequently asked questions I get from colleagues, clients and readers of this column. These people aren't asking about the latest USPS postal regulations; instead, like you, they want to know about new practices, formats, offer incentives and other elements they should consider testing.

The Ups and Downs of Inline Production
June 1, 2003

By Sharon R. Cole Answering the question of whether to go inline or offline when planning how to process mailings may seem simple. Particularly when thinking in terms of run size. It's fairly well known that it generally makes more sense to run jobs consisting of 250,000 pieces or more through inline, while it's more cost-effective to run smaller jobs conventionally. But there are other issues to consider before going inline. For instance, while marketers may not be overly satisfied with certain inline imaging or design issues, they may be swayed by its high level of personalization and cost advantages. Either way, understanding