Quaero, a CSG solution

Tame the E-mail Tangle
July 1, 2003

By Steve Meyer Managing your customer e-mail information. E-mail continues to grow in importance as a form of communication with nearly universal reach. The concurrent explosion of spam e-mailing as a marketing technique recently resulted in sweeping legislation proposed to give consumers more control over how their personal information is used for contact purposes. To succeed as an e-mail marketer, then, you must carefully cultivate and harvest your valuable crop of e-mail addresses to ensure the best returns on your marketing efforts. E-mail represents an extremely cost-effective form of marketing, so why not just cover the world

Roundup of Campaign Management Solutions (2,097 words)
March 1, 2003

By Hallie Mummert Do you manage campaigns via an Excel spreadsheet and e-mail, or worse, a wall chart and a Magic Marker? With the need to operate in more than one channel for share of market and share of customer, it's getting harder to execute multiple campaigns without the aid of a sophisticated software tool. The following is a roundup of campaign management software solutions available to direct marketers. The only criteria for inclusion was that the product offer a component for direct mail campaign management; however, it could also handle e-mail, telemarketing, and other forms of marketing communication—which most do. While this is

Optimal CRM Solutions
January 1, 2003

By Brad Connard My brother-in-law the neurologist—it sounds more like the start of a great joke than a discussion about selecting the optimal outsourced CRM solution. That said, my brother-in-law has significantly contributed to my thinking about CRM solutions. He insists that the most challenging part of his job is developing an accurate diagnosis. If done correctly, the cure is frequently the easier part. As I've reflected on my experience in both obtaining and providing CRM solutions, the most challenging aspect also is with the diagnosis. If we don't fully understand the problem, how can we develop the CRM cure?

How to Justify CRM Initiatives in a Changing Market
October 1, 2001

By Sharon L. Weaver A number of changes have occurred in the marketplace over the past year that have put tremendous strain on an organization's capital investments. Employee layoffs, mergers and stock market drops all affect the amount of money consumers have to spend on products and services. Therefore, it is becoming even more important for organizations to both retain and deepen their relationships with existing customers. Customer relationship management (CRM) is an overall strategy that allows organizations to more effectively manage and track customer contacts. CRM initiatives start with a vision of how to make the organization more customer-focused, but often require a