How Big Is Your Vision?
April 3, 2013

Way back in the Internet dark ages of January 1996, Bill Gates wrote about and coined the phrase "Content Is King." He was talking of course, about Web content and the need for people and organizations hoping to monetize the Internet to consistently produce fresh and relevant topics in order to gain the interest and loyalty of viewers, just as television had been doing, radio before that and print media the longest of all. His assertion that "over time, someone will figure out how to get revenue" from Internet advertising is frighteningly similar to today's gurus predicting much the same in regard to social media marketing. Just as back then—when companies and marketers struggled with deciding whether a Web presence was needed—today there are still major corporations only testing the social media waters, even if only half-heartedly, to keep pace with competitors.

Maintaining the Integrity of Global Data
October 4, 2006

Question: What tactics should international direct marketers employ to maintain the integrity of global data? Answers: • Seek resources and expertise specifically addressing the complexities of international data. This can include training your in-house data capture staff on the particular details of international data, using industry experts and resources to improve data capture and data management practices, and/or working with suppliers that have significant experience with international data. • International data often contains foreign accent characters, diacritics or local-language text characters that are not supported by most domestic computer systems. Be aware of the large number of different international data encoding standards that exist to store this information,