QAS, an Experian Co.

Experian QAS Releases New Phone Validation Software to Help Reach Mobile Users 
May 24, 2013

Company: Experian QAS, a provider of contact data management software and services
Product/Service: QAS Phone, phone validation software
What it Does: The new tools provide full phone number verification and identifies landline versus mobile phone type at the point of capture to improve a company's mobile communication data.

Experian QAS Launches a Real-Time Data Enhancement Product
May 18, 2012

Company: Experian QAS, a provider of verification software and data management services for marketing campaigns

Product/Service: Prospect IQ, a data enhancement product 

What it Does: Prospect IQ enables organizations to gain a deeper understanding of their consumers by leveraging Experian ConsumerView data and make effective business decisions in real time. Prospect IQ delivers individualized consumer insight at the point of contact, allowing businesses to prioritize high-value prospects and ensure rapid follow up and effective offer strategies. Organizations are able to turn more visitors into customers through intelligent, informed interactions that capitalize on consumer interest quickly and effectively, resulting in stronger return on marketing spend as well as increased profitability.

Experian QAS Releases E-mail and Phone Services
September 18, 2008

Company: Experian QAS, a customer data quality software and services provider. Product/Service: QAS Email and QAS Phone, two services designed to improve accuracy and ensure the validity of e-mail addresses and phone numbers. What it does: Both are designed to reduce time wasted manually identifying and fixing incorrect e-mail and phone information while assisting organizations to develop a more accurate view of their customer bases, according to QAS.

Data Quality Initiatives at Fairytale Brownies
June 12, 2008

David Kravetz' story is the stuff of fairy tales. He's the co-founder of Fairytale Brownies, a Phoenix, Ariz.-based mail-order brownie gift company that started with a $14,000 investment and has grown to sales of almost $10 million. Kravetz has run the company's operations since its inception 16 years ago, when he and a childhood friend started the company with his mom's family recipe.

Technology Roundup: List Hygiene Solutions
May 1, 2005

By Hallie Mummert Mail that is undeliverable as addressed, called UAA, amounts to close to 6 billion pieces of mail annually that have to be redirected, either to the correct address, back to the mailer or into a recycling bin. The U.S. Postal Service estimates that it spends in excess of $1.9 billion annually to process mail that is incorrectly addressed. To stem some of the blood loss, the USPS put mailers on notice in 2003: Those companies claiming automation or presort rates on First Class mail are required to use an approved address change correction tool—such as Move Update or NCOA—no earlier than