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Target Marketing’s Direct Marketing Glossary
October 10, 2006

/M: Per thousand. /MM: Per million. AA: Authors alterations, i.e., changes other than corrections made by a client after the proofing process has begun. AOV (average order value): The average amount of each customer order. Abandoned Call: When a caller hangs up before his or her call is answered by an agent. Above the Fold: The part of an e-mail message or Web page that’s visible without scrolling. Absorbency: The capacity a paper has for accepting liquids, like the inks or water used to run offset lithographic presses. Accordion Fold: Parallel folds that opens like an accordion. Acid-free Paper: Paper manufactured on a machine with the wet-end chemistry controlled to a neutral

Cultivate Organic Search
February 1, 2005

Optimizing search terms for conversion may be the key to great ROI By Bryan Eisenberg It's no longer speculation, it's a chilly reality: Search engine pay-per-click (PPC) ad prices are on the rise. The Keyword Price Index, published monthly by search engine marketer Fathom Online, shows an overall 13 percent increase in keyword price for October 2004, up to $1.55 per keyword from September's average of $1.37. Average keyword prices for consumer services (e.g., entertainment and spas) rose from $0.54 to $0.96, an increase of 78 percent. Retailers saw higher prices as well, with a 50 percent increase, from $0.32 to $0.48. Organic

Database-Driven Creative with a Power Punch (799 words)
March 1, 2000

by Carol Worthington Levy This is a great time to be in direct marketing. Database information is becoming more plentiful and accurate; and clients are finally seeing the value in really knowing their customers. Together, this gives the creative department more tools than ever to hand-craft creative that is truly response-driven and reaches the customer more intimately than before. Today, creative teams are being pressed to produce on-target work and prove it with trackable accuracy. In the "bad old days" everyone was in their own corner operating independently and without knowledge of what other groups were doing. The creative team would be given some