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Nuts & bolts: Tech talk
March 1, 2008

Versatile VDP Printable Technologies, a provider of integrated marketing, Web-to-print and personalized direct marketing solutions, recently launched the FusionPro VDP Suite, Version 5.0. The software offers users a print-vendor agnostic document composition tool with a wide range of customization options. The new version, in particular, showcases two additional features. The first feature, variable text on a curve, allows designers to draw variable text curves using several methods—including freehand, control-point and ellipse drawing tools. The second feature, soft drop-shadow effects, allows users to specify solid or semi-transparent drop-shadow effects on variable text with control over the drop-shadow opacity, angle, distance and spread. This feature is designed to

Nuts & Bolts: Tech Talk
December 1, 2006

One-stop Online Solution Enterprise marketing software provider smartFOCUS has introduced smartREACTION, a new solution for analyzing, managing and executing online campaigns. SmartREACTION combines the following functions into one solution: analysis of and access to customer information; planning and automation of campaign execution, including an integrated content management system; a platform for circulating multichannel communications across all online channels; and reporting and operational management charts. The End of Click Fraud? Metasearch engine ABCSearch announced the launch of ClickShield, a new click fraud monitoring software. Based on natural user behavior patterns and other proprietary methods, ClickShield optimizes all ABCSearch network traffic in real time, ensuring all