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AAA South Makes, Models Analytics Efficiency
March 1, 2011

Fantasyland is a great place for its members to go, but AAA Auto Club South's analytics team wants to ensure that its data—enabling, for example, insight into customers' propensity to buy the discounted Walt Disney World tickets it sells—reflects reality.

Real-Time Marketing Delivers Real Benefits to Call Centers
December 2, 2010

While in the past companies have allocated large amounts of funds and resources to outbound direct marketing strategies like mailers, email and cold calls, the most effective marketers, it seems, are quickly realizing the rewarding benefits of capitalizing on the inbound marketing opportunities that are presented when customers call their contact centers.

Avoiding Mental Opt-Out with Data Analytics
October 6, 2010

This plummeting cost of digital storage is not the primary cause of the mental opt-out phenomenon, but it is one of the reasons marketers need to pay more attention than ever to following good email marketing practices.

Add Analytics, Reduce Marketing Waste
July 29, 2010

With the intention of reaching as many customers as possible, companies often execute mass marketing campaigns that prove to be costly and ineffective, sometimes even backfiring when they target customers with the wrong message.

8 Best Practices for Integrating Data Into an E-mail Program
July 14, 2010

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Co. of Marysville, Ohio, knows for a fact that there are people who enjoy watching grass grow. The company's even weeded out the ones who enjoy it so much that they want as much information as they can get about how to make it grow taller, thicker and greener.

Hitting the Bull's-Eye: Using Uplift Modeling to Improve Marketing Campaigns
January 28, 2010

In the game of marketing, relevancy is king. Ensuring your message is targeted to your customers' needs should always be a top priority, and how well you achieve this relevancy will have an immense impact on the success of your campaigns. Equally as important, however, is ensuring your audience is correctly targeted.

Retrofit CRM for Customer Centricity
December 1, 2009

Many companies think they already have a customer relationship management system. But what they may have is a product-centric, rather than a customer-centric, system. Meanwhile, what they already have can be retrofitted to perform to today's integrated marketing standards.