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Personalization Power Hour - Variable Data Printing, Personalized URLs and Personalized QR Codes
April 26, 2012

Because today's prospects demand it, more mail pieces are personalized than ever before. In this cutting-edge webinar, DirectMarketingIQ's Chief Content Officer Ethan Boldt will reveal the personalization and VDP (variable data printing) trends that are sweeping the direct mail industry. Using research from the Who's Mailing What! Archive, he'll also showcase many outstanding examples of personalized campaigns, including case study results for leading companies.

In addition, Boldt will be joined by Grant Johnson, CEO, Johnson Direct and Crystal Uppercue, Loyalty and Brand Marketing Manager, EU Services, who will discuss personalization bestpractices, including the latest ways to use personalized URL and QR Code technology, as well as variable copy and imagery to increase response rate and ROI.

During the packed hour, you can expect to learn the following:
-Which personalization trends are in evidence, and which leading companies showcase these trends
-Case study results and examples of both VDP, PURL and QR campaigns
-Best practice advice for PURL campaigns as well as new personalized QR Code usage
-The most effective way to leverage data into copy and imagery

Registration fee: $79

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Direct Mail Formats -- What's Working Now!
October 28, 2010

See the direct mail formats that are working -- eye-catching designs that gets prospects to touch and feel, and copy that compels the recipient to tear open the outer envelope.

Join Patrick Fultz, award-winning designer and current President of the John Caples International Awards, and Nancy Harhut, Wilde Agency's chief creative officer, as they present numerous examples of direct mail formats that are working for mailers right now.

Here's what you can expect to learn:

- What envelopes and self-mailers to use!
- Eye-catching words to use with particular formats.

- Larger format vs smaller format.  What's appropriate when?
- Cutting-edge formats that can't miss.
- When to repurpose something innovative from one industry to another.

- Engaging headlines, stickers and stamps, pull tabs -- tools to get them to open.

Plus, find out all that's available to a designer - windows, paper or plastic, printing technique, color, illustration photography, interactivity, headline, p-URLs and g-URLs, and offer - and how that affects format choice.

Registration fee: $79

Sponsored by Polaris Direct

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