Pitney Bowes

Volly Prepares to Take America’s Mailboxes Online
January 10, 2011

Mail technology firm Pitney Bowes is preparing to launch a new service that will provide a "level playing field" for high-volume mailers to communicate digitally with US consumers. Volly — as the new service is called — will offer an internet-based alternative to physical mail for transactional communications and direct marketing later this year.

Pitney Bowes Launching Online Delivery Service to Connect Mailers with Consumers
January 7, 2011

The Volly cloud-based digital mail communications platform will empower consumers to receive, view, organize and manage bills, statements, direct marketing, catalogs, coupons and other content from multiple providers using a single application. This opt-in, consumer-focused consolidation service also includes online bill paying.

Real-Time Marketing Delivers Real Benefits to Call Centers
December 2, 2010

While in the past companies have allocated large amounts of funds and resources to outbound direct marketing strategies like mailers, email and cold calls, the most effective marketers, it seems, are quickly realizing the rewarding benefits of capitalizing on the inbound marketing opportunities that are presented when customers call their contact centers.

Avoiding Mental Opt-Out with Data Analytics
October 6, 2010

This plummeting cost of digital storage is not the primary cause of the mental opt-out phenomenon, but it is one of the reasons marketers need to pay more attention than ever to following good email marketing practices.

Is Direct Mail Really Dead?
August 19, 2010

Even with sky high postage costs, a properly executed direct mail campaign still provides a solid ROI. What? You've bought into the myth that direct mail is dead?

Live from InterACT!: August 10, 2010
August 10, 2010

InterACT! is the first educational forum for marketers, brand owners and service providers on cross-media direct marketing opportunities and strategies organized by InfoTrends and North American Publishing Company (NAPCO) being held Aug 10-11, 2010 in Rosemont, IL.