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Holiday 2015: Less About Black Friday, Cyber Monday
October 22, 2015

Holiday 2015 will be less and less about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, predicts retail price and product intelligence solution provider 360pi. "Traditional 'must win' holiday dates will continue to lose relevancy," opines 360pi in its press release.

Top 10 B-to-B Mailers in WMW!
October 22, 2015

SkillPath Seminars ASPE Technology Fred Pryor Seminars National Seminars Training CareerTrack American Medical Association Stamps.com Epson America Pitney Bowes Square Note: This Top 10 list is based on direct mail offers received January 2014 to May 2015 in the categories assigned to the B-to-B sector on Who's Mailing What! To view these offers (or those…

Print's Not Dead: Print Marketing Will Thrive in 2014 and Beyond
January 10, 2014

As technology continues to develop—and change the way we do business—many have considered print a dead medium and online marketing the wave of the future. Nevertheless, the print industry is far from dead; in fact, print marketing has only continued to grow and evolve alongside the upsurge of new technology. Direct mail continues to be used heavily, with a 43 percent share of total local retail advertising. And, according to a Pitney Bowes survey, 76 percent of small businesses say their ideal marketing strategy encompasses a combination of both print and digital communication.

Brunch & Learn: Direct Mail Prep for 2014 -- Are you ready for the USPS changes?!
September 24, 2013

College students are pouring back into the classrooms and your own summer holiday probably seems like months ago already. But while a few are excited to get back to work or class, most just don't feel ready yet. When it comes to companies that use direct mail, 2014 inspires the same feelings: Some companies are anxious for the new year to begin while most are just plain anxious because they're simply not ready.

In particular, whether you're a small company or a big brand, you may not be ready for Postal Service changes in 2014 - such as adopting the Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) full service technology by January in order to qualify for automation discounts - that can significantly affect your direct mail program. In-home delivery will also shift, so direct mail marketers need to stay aware of these changes and eventually capitalize.

Leading experts from the USPS itself, Pitney Bowes and U.S. Monitor will first explain these changes and then help you prepare for them. Here is just some of what you can expect to learn in a rapid-fire 45 minutes:

- How 2013's IMb-Basic is different from 2014's more complex IMb-Full Service
- The added benefits from IMb-Full Service, including deeper postal discounts, improved tracking and free address correction services
- An anatomy of a IM barcode
- How to register for IMb-Full Service through USPS's business customer gateway
- Interfacing reporting software with USPS's software to enable electronic documentation
- Supplementing IMb-Full Service with physical seeding data to capture actual in-home delivery - within an hour or two of actual delivery!
- See dynamic dashboards with customized reporting to get a full-information view of your mail delivery performance

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Following Google and USPS Rules — and Still Profit
September 19, 2013

Let's face it, if you're a business that relies on internet marketing and/or direct mail, Google and the U.S. Postal Service set the rules and we have to abide by them to survive ... err ... flourish. That's become more challenging in both spaces lately, not just because consumers and prospects often feel over-marketed to.

How to Fix the Post Office: Keep the ‘Last Mile,’ Outsource the Rest
June 4, 2013

A proposal to create a “hybrid” United States Postal Service would keep postal workers on their routes while allowing private companies to compete for mail collection, transportation and processing. Now all it needs is a divided Congress and a reluctant postmaster general to sign off on it. A new study released today by a non-partisan Washington think tank recommends a radical departure for the struggling United States Postal Service: a public-private partnership that would open up much of the service’s back-end logistics to outside competition

An All-in-One Grand Control
May 6, 2013

For a company whose business is based on direct mail, it's not surprising that Pitney Bowes developed a direct mail piece that has worked so well for so long. A folded self-mailer, promoting the company's mailstation 2 postage meter system to a small business audience, has been in the mail for over three years, thus qualifying it as a Who's Mailing What! "Grand Control." Of the approximately

Free Webinar: Opening the Door to International Customers
February 20, 2013

Ready to sell products globally to tap into the explosive growth of international e-commerce? The global market is ready. The technology is ready. Your web store is open to its global audience. The question is, what are the fundamentals of global e-commerce that you need to embrace to cash in on this opportunity? Join us for a free webinar on March 7 to find out the answer.

The End of USPS Saturday Delivery and the Slow Death of Direct Mail (as We Know It)
February 7, 2013

[Editor's Note: This is an opinion piece from a marketing consultant.] Well, it looks like I won’t have to worry about riffling through dozens of junk mail pieces to find the one letter I actually need to read on Saturdays anymore. The USPS plans on ending First Class mail delivery on Saturday … Without First Class mail, one can presume that other letter and non-package delivery will end soon, meaning one less day of direct mail. Direct mail can’t stand alone. In my 2012 "Naughty and Nice" list, I put the USPS on the naughty list for encouraging more direct mail