Be Found in ‘Stolen Moments’ by Consumers
May 4, 2015

Be the impulse buy, says Google. Whether on vacation, at a store, watching TV on the couch or peeking at a smartphone under the table during a meeting, "stolen moments" between consumers and brands happen all the time, writes Google's Matt Lawson. A lot of times, those moments include local searches that can result in quick conversions, says the performance ads marketing director. In his April post on Think With Google, Lawson calls these stolen bits of time "I-Want-to-Go Moments: From Search to Store." He cites Google research that 10 percent to 18 percent of "clicks on search ads lead to a store visit." Further, half of those local searchers using smartphones visit a marketer within a day "and 18 percent of those searches lead to a purchase within a day."

Market Focus?Dog Lovers (311 words)
December 1, 2000

They are the fearless guardians, the tireless playmates, the sentient guides, the most loyal companions, and for some lucky people, the ultimate go-fors. Whether it's a pure-blooded poodle or a mangy mutt whose only claim to fame is a ratty old bandanna, if it's nose is wet and it's tail is wagging, it's probably loved by someone. A study by the American Pet Association in 1998 found that of all the dog owners in the United States, more than half are more attached to their pets than to at least one other human being. They are all things to more than