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Affiliate Spotlight
February 1, 2010

A monthly online feature for Target Marketing readers (also running bimonthly in Target Marketing magazine’s Nuts & Bolts department), Affiliate Spotlight introduces you to a variety of players on the affiliate marketing scene. Check back monthly for the lowdown from Google Affiliate Network's Dan Chiss on the fastest-growing and top-performing affiliates around.

Reap What You Sow
April 1, 2008

Marketers hoping to launch a new affiliate marketing program—or invigorate an existing one—should recognize that the best affiliate marketing programs are built on relationships with clear rules of engagement, strategic planning and a steady stream of compelling consumer promotions. Attracting Affiliates Is Only Half the Battle It’s not enough for affiliates to join a program if their marketing partners do little to help them succeed. Affiliates cannot deliver on marketing goals unless the objectives are shared and the right tools and information are made available. All affiliate programs operate within their networks’ standard affiliate agreements, which outline payment frequency, regulations and standards for

Nuts&Bolts: Case Study
May 1, 2007

Challenge: Increase brand awareness and drive sales through creative affiliate marketing solutions. Solution: Develop relationships with bloggers and other online influencers, using product education and incentive plans to generate word-of-mouth buzz. Results: Sales for Q4 2006 increased 10 times over same-quarter sales in 2005. For Dean Rist’s money, few channels deliver ROI like affiliate marketing. Which is why one of the first things he did two years ago after being named the director of direct marketing at iRobot, a Burlington, Mass.-based manufacturer of robotics for consumer and military activities, was to start planning an affiliate marketing strategy. One of the challenges facing iRobot, says Rist, was that its

Four Overlooked Natural Search Tactics
August 30, 2006

If most consumers don’t discern between paid search and natural search listings, as many studies of online behavior by Forrester, Jupiter and Pew Research Center suggest, then marketers might want to be careful not to fixate on paid search tactics. According to Stuart Larkins, vice president of search for Performics, an online marketing services and technology firm based in Chicago, “we’re really catching wind with synergies between natural search programs and paid search programs.” He explains that marketers can get enhancement from both sides of search marketing by working on these programs in lockstep, with the same methodologies or practices from a product and

The Many Paths of Direct Marketing
March 1, 2006

To remain relevant to customers and boost the bottom line, today’s direct marketing campaigns must move across the borders of direct marketing media nimbly and fluidly. More importantly, marketing channels need to work in unison so that prospects and customers receive not only a consistent message, but one that builds a case for your products and brand. Does your direct mail creative prominently feature a Web site address where customers can find out more about your product and the particular offer being pitched? Do your search engine marketing (SEM) efforts coordinate with your print ad copy? There are many ways to integrate offline and