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3 Steps to Harnessing the Power of Personalized URLs
April 7, 2011

Direct mail and the web. Not that long ago, it wasn't the closest of relationships. Maybe a general URL next to a little computer icon? Maybe a similar campaign that emerged from an email silo? But now it's different. They're integrated because direct marketers know that an integrated campaign using multiple channels is a more effective campaign. Simply put, in a stressed economic age that's full of prospects less willing to spend, donate and sign up, direct mail and the web need each other.

Small Test Samples: The Key to Unlocking Big Results?
September 1, 2004

WARNING: Article contents will make statisticians very angry! By Spyro Kourtis I often run into companies that can't afford to test because they don't have the budget, the mail quantity or the time. If you're a marketer, and it's your job to actually sell things, then listen up: The statisticians have it wrong when it comes to finding what works in the market. I'm not saying that statistics is an invalid science. It's indispensable to what you do. But when you're halfway through the quarter, you have an aggressive sales number to hit and your VP is screaming at you to

Six Things You Need to Know About Internet Marketing (790 words
June 5, 2002

By Bob Hacker, The Hacker Group You hear it everyday: "The Internet has opened up a whole new medium for direct marketers. Web and e-mail are cost-effective ways to reach millions for only a couple of cents a hit." Especially with last November's mail-based terror attacks, e-mail is growing in popularity and effectiveness. But, there are still ways to screw it up that can torpedo your program if you are not aware of them. Here are the six things you should be aware of as you strategize, write, design and execute your next (and every) Internet campaign. 1) Most users are still using dial-up