Improve Your Site Penetration
June 7, 2006

B-to-B marketers always are looking to grow their site penetration—that is, the number of individuals at a current customer site who purchase from them. To grab a greater share of a customer’s business, consider mailing non-buying prospects at buying sites, suggests Mary Ann Kleinfelter, marketing director at Carus Publishing. Kleinfelter is a well-known direct marketing expert with experience in both business-to-consumer and business-to-business marketing, and has worked for such firms as Sylvan Learning Center, Bedford Fair Apparel, Delta Education, PaperDirect and Daytimers. According to Kleinfelter, these prospects can be identified by running inquiries, leads and rented lists against your housefile. If the company name of

Boosting B-to-B Customer Retention (1,185 words)
May 1, 1999

by Mary Ann Kleinfelter Customer profiling and segmentation have never been more popular, and the reason is simple: We are all in search of more customers who look and act like our very best customers. The data you glean from customer profiling and segmentation is also an essential first step toward understanding and improving customer retention. It is categorically true that different segments of customers are retained differently, and that you should invest more or fewer promotion dollars per segment in the hope of a return any time in the near future. A customer profile is a snapshot of how your customers look and