eStrategies - 5 Need-to-Knows for Successful Social Media Marketing
October 1, 2009

Social media has taken off so quickly this year that, hopefully, by now you’ve set up social profiles on the appropriate networks to reach clients and prospects, and your brand profiles are showing up in natural search results. But what about paid search? Many of the most popular social networks, such as YouTube and Facebook, offer paid ads. But do people look at these ads when they’re on the sites?

eStrategies - 5 Podcasting Best Practices
August 1, 2009

If you’re looking for a way to create meaningful, engaging, branded content with results that can be tracked, easily shared, drive sales, build your brand and boost your positions on the search result pages, give podcasting a try. There were 17.4 million monthly podcast downloads in 2008, and the growth curve isn’t expected to stop skyrocketing until 2013.

4 Tips to Improve Online Sales Based on the 2008 Holiday Season
April 2, 2009

It’s April and spring is here — finally. While there’s sunnier weather outside, online it’s a much different story. Retailers are still feeling the shocks of an underperforming holiday season, and the economy has improved little. But while the last holiday shopping season didn't bode well for most, it did provide important information about consumer behavior in a down economy, and it’s behavior you can’t afford to ignore.

How Friendly Is Your SEM?
July 1, 2008

Search engine marketing, both paid and natural varieties, is an ever-changing landscape. Not in the least, because as more people go online to search out solutions for their challenges, marketers are shifting ad dollars to better their products’ and services’ chances of being found and purchased. According to the 2007 State of the Market survey developed by the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO), spending on SEM in North America is projected to reach $25.2 billion by 2011; this follows a banner year in 2007, during which the North American SEM industry grew more than 20 percent to hit $12.2 billion in spending. Because

10 Good Reasons to Conduct an Eye Tracking Study
March 20, 2008

The first time you heard about it, eye tracking probably sounded more like science fiction than fact. The idea that you could literally see your Web site through the eyes of a typical visitor -- where their eyes go first, next and for how long -- sounded too good to be true. After all, if you really knew that, you could easily place your most important messages where they'd best be seen and acted on.

Social Media Coming of Age
March 1, 2008

Despite some reports to the contrary — or maybe it’s wishful thinking? — social media is not a passing fad. According to research sponsored by TNS Media Intelligence/Cymfony, for example, 50 percent of senior marketing executives in several countries believe the use of social media for corporate, brand and product marketing is a vital component of corporate communications that should be monitored at the executive level and allocated significant resources.

The Search is On
March 1, 2008

Ask any long-time market-watchers — people who’ve seen economic conditions rise and fall — and most will give you the same advice during a downturn: Stick to the basics. In the investment community, basics might include: remain liquid, shop for value, invest for the long term, look for undervalued opportunities and diversify. Those same basics are easily applied to online marketing.

10 Things Online Marketers Should Consider in the First Quarter of 2008
January 24, 2008

Oneupweb recently polled our people on the front lines -- our project managers and their team leaders -- to see where they will be helping clients focus their attention during the first quarter of 2008. We've assembled their results and organized them into a Top 10 list that should prove helpful to any online marketer. 1. Test your ads. Testing ad creative and placement is vital to your ongoing success. Here's what needs to be done:

Best Practices for Holiday Social Marketing
November 1, 2007

Recently, Oneupweb completed a study looking at 12 products and brands attracting noticeable online holiday buzz. We wanted to know why these brands were being talked about and how interest was being generated.