Behavioral Targeting
January 1, 2008

Today’s consumer is proving to be increasingly elusive. The multiplication of channels and the fragmentation of audiences have driven two imperatives for marketers online. The first is to better identify potential consumers in the funnel early and attract them at the appropriate time. The second is to ensure that your Web property (site, landing page,…

RAMP Up Your Web Success
November 1, 2007

If you’ve worked in a marketing group for very long, you’re sure to have come across Web analytics reports of some kind produced by vendors like WebTrends, Omniture or Google Analytics. It doesn’t really matter where they come from or how they’re produced, the general gist is to somehow identify which of your online marketing efforts are working and which need help. But if you’re like most people, you might find these reports obtuse, full of archaic language and more confusing than enlightening.

When Online Goes Offline
October 1, 2007

Marketers tend to approach online and offline marketing as two separate challenges that require different sets of solutions. It often is assumed that in the world of online marketing, online data is the only data that matters. Similarly, when executing direct mail programs, companies believe that the only relevant information is offline knowledge. Correct approach, right? Wrong. Very wrong. With regard to online marketing campaigns, marketing firms have traditionally struggled to extract and leverage information from their Web analytics packages. Recently, however, this knowledge has become easier to grasp and process as some firms have homed in on how best to understand information,

Measurement—Not Money—Is the Key to PPC
December 6, 2006

Time and money—two things we all would like more of. They also are two key ingredients lacking from most pay-per-click (PPC) SEM programs, according to a recent study conducted by consultancies the e-tailing group and NetElixir. The 1st Annual E-tailer PPC Stress Study found that when asked about the one thing their organization could do to improve PPC management, respondents were vocal about their desire for “more robust management,” citing such needs as “more people and more time to manage campaigns,” “more resources in place to manage in more depth,” “more time … for strategy and development of campaigns,” and the ability to “dedicate

Special Report - Search Engine Marketing
April 1, 2006

When companies talk at search conferences about Web site improvements they implemented based on analysis of search users' behavior, they typically throw around increased sales numbers in the millions. These case studies likely represent some of the best results possible, but experts note that solid revenue is at stake for all companies willing to drill down into their online analytics to uncover conversion opportunities. This report takes a look at the impact of online analytics on paid and organic search, but with a stronger focus on paid. The reason? As Lisa Wehr, founder and CEO of search engine marketing (SEM) firm Oneupweb, puts